Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Heaven is With Us!

Hi all!

Just a few days ago, my best friend ended a relationship that had been troubling her for years.  As she and I celebrated God's pronunciation of freedom over her life, she did a little dance, and I danced with her.

Suddenly and wonderfully, my eyes were opened to God's angelic realm and, by God's power, I beheld three of her guardian angels rejoicing right along with us and doing the same dance she was doing!  They were jubilant and carefree and smiling just like she was... they all leapt around in shimmering garments embroidered in the victory God had spoken over her and faithfully brought into her life. Lights of the Father's "Essence" in golden, mist-like, illuminated Shekinah swirled all around the cheerful beings as they rejoiced.  Amen!

The Lord's JOY enveloped us as - in floor-length, wide-sleeved robes bejeweled and bedecked with precious gemstones and metals of teal (symbolizing God's delight), silver (redemption), yellows (Jesus) and light blues (peace) - each blonde and brown-haired angel joyously danced around her, spreading God's fragrance in victory, thanksgiving, celebration, laughter, and peace over her entire being. What a precious, awesome, intimate sight!

It tells me not to ever give up hope, saints.  Even in the hardest times when we may feel the most alone, we are not.  WE ARE FAR FROM ALONE at any time, beloved.  As children of the Most High God, we are never left to our own devices or rendered helpless and alone.  Indeed, all of Heaven is with us and abides with us, even as we abide in Christ's Love as He abides in the Father's Love and the Godhead abides in us. 


And that's the truth whether or not glimpses of the eternal realm of the Holy One are ever revealed to us.  We are blessed when we believe, whether or not we have ever seen. But make no mistake, I do thank and praise the Benevolent God our Heavenly Father for His arm of strengthening outstretched to me and to my friend as He literally caused His support and Heaven's angelic host to be revealed in our midst for our encouragement as they celebrated right along with us!  Who is like unto OUR God?

The word and fragrance and power of our Eternal God, His Christ, and Holy Spirit stands forever!  Glory, Glory, Glory!

Bless His Holy Name.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, May 1, 2015

Always Protected

When it came to taking my first vacation after moving into my new home here, I admit I had certain reservations about leaving it.  The Lord exposed in me a fear of not having this residence as heavily protected as the one in New Jersey. Silly of me, wasn't it? But the Lord didn't rebuke me for it; He graciously set about showing me that He is the same everywhere, and the same Mighty Presence which kept me for 15 years in my former dwelling was all the more at the ready in this place of new beginnings designated for me.

I remember after praying very seriously to this effect one evening that, when I got into bed, the Lord began opening my eyes to His realm and focusing my attention on two places in the apartment.  In the spirit, for an instant I saw Angel Cleophus (read more about this angel) at the front door just before he literally stepped into the wall adjacent to it.  Cleophus and I are friends; we met at my previous dwelling; he is a powerful cherub assigned to me and by God's Spirit I recognized him immediately.  It calmed me.  A moment later, deeper inside my dwelling, He showed me another angelic being He'd also posted beside a window to "guard" me.  There was more of a military sense about this angel, very bright white and dressed a bit differently than Cleophus (who appeared in a simple, knee-length, golden skirt).  The angel's focus reminded me of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and the being held a sword which also shortened to a candle when necessary.  He took his place in front of the window and then "disappeared", stepping as it were into the building's structure.

After seeing these things, Holy Spirit cloaked my spirit with the comfort of knowing Yahweh "had my back" with His angels of protection and vigil.  (In truth, one of my guardian angels is named "Vigil".) I can only say that, after seeing these faithful beings posted, the realization and knowing that my Heavenly Father was still protecting me with His loving power absolutely overtook me.  Thank You, Jesus - I was soaked and saturated with it. I knew that I would find my dwelling as safely situated and operational upon my return as it was upon leaving.  And it was.

Merciful God.

I've thought to myself since then, did God really have to "show me" His protections to quell my fears?  Well, whether He had to or not - He did.  He did it because my peace of mind matters even more to Him than it does to me.  There is no matching His tenderness... no defining His mercy.  He is the Almighty, all-caring, all-understanding and compassionate, "Father" God - and there is no one else who has or occupies His place within my heart.  Amen.

Dear God, thank You.  Father, I love You, I love You, I love You.

Your Sharon.  Your Shamma (Obedient One).  Your daughter everlastingly and forever.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Joyous Changes

Hello, friends!

Over the past few months, God has been shifting the focus of His ministry through me to more offline pursuits. As a result, the Glory Shield website and its blog ministries have been adjusted accordingly.  At this time, "Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision" will remain online to bless all hearts and minds stopping by, but new posts will no longer be regularly scheduled.

This blog has mightily blessed and proclaimed the ministry of God's power through supernatural endeavors and revelation and will continue doing so in whatever fashion He allows as coming days stretch into the future.  The encounters are ongoing, and I immensely enjoy sharing them here at God's command and in His timing.

Over the past two years, all God's blogging through me has proved to be a tremendous blessing and enormous training ground for the very personal, offline pursuits into which I am being moved now. 
I solicit your prayers as these challenging pastoral assignments in Jesus are continually revealed to me.

See You at Daddy's Girl !

As always, God's fresh testimony, revelation, poetry, songs, and praise will be shared through the "Daddy's Girl" blog (which I doubt will ever end) each week to His ever-powerful and increasing joy, honor, and Glory.

God bless all of you,

Pastor Sharon