Friday, January 4, 2013

The Powerful Blood of Jesus

In Jesus' Name,  WELCOME to the "Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision" blog site!

The Lord has commissioned that this unique branch of the Daddy's Girl blog now appears weekly in its own setting of praise and testimony to God's mighty power revealed through the activity of His spirit realm.  Please note that God has authorized posts for this blog to appear once weekly, on Fridays and, with His direction, there will be occasional guest bloggers contributing to the testimony in praise and counsel delivered here.  (Post days may increase depending upon the need.)  For your convenience, a link to the Daddy's Girl blog appears on the blogroll at the bottom of this page.

The other day I was thinking about the true Authority of the Blood of Jesus.  We all know its unmatched power to save souls and cleanse from sin first and foremost, but whenever I flash back to an experience Pastor Nancy Snyder and I had a few years ago while ministering at a small conference in Delaware, inevitably, I end up shouting praises to the Lord for His shed Blood's awesome ability to annihilate all enemy forces.  It totally cracks me up to see demons trying to break bad in the face of even being touched by Christ's Blood, because they're actually scared to death of it.

There were many astounding works of Holy Spirit manifested among us at that time as God's power had been mightily unleashed.  But the lesson I learned about the Blood's authority after one young woman in particular had been delivered of demonic oppression left me stunned. 

At times God reveals the spirit realm to me like animation on Plexiglas, overlaying the natural world's activities; this was the case back then.  As my natural eyes beheld the young woman rejoicing in our midst, suddenly, God's "overlay" to my spirit eyes revealed a ring of demons surrounding her.  As they circled, they tentatively poked their toe tips toward her, like bathers testing water.  Faster than the speed of light Holy Spirit answered the puzzlement of my heart by identifying what I saw to be, "encroaching demons".

Straight away, I told Pastor Nancy what I saw, and Holy Spirit explained to her that they sought to immediately reclaim the newly swept and garnished house from which they'd been evicted.  He further explained to her (all in a matter of milliseconds) that the Blood of Jesus literally needed to be scribed around the woman by her own Pastor to prevent their re-entry. Pastor Nancy told the woman's Pastor to do this and, when he did, those stupid demons still tried to attack the woman, BUT THEIR HANDS AND ARMS WERE LITERALLY BURNED OFF BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS scribed around her in the faith and obedience of the man of God!  None of them could re-enter her!  Not one!

Saints, I saw this with my own spirit eyes in His Realm! I testify to you of the mighty power of the Blood of Jesus to literally melt demon limbs and totally subdue demonic forces! Amen! God is Faithful and, when we apply His Blood by the power of prayer and faith-filled warfare, IT IS APPLIED as we command in the Authority of Christ our Redeemer!  God doesn't play, folks; when we speak it there - IT IS THERE!

Hallelujah to the Lord Jesus, our Champion in ALL things!  The very mention of His Name and especially His Blood strikes abject terror in those deranged beings, for they know Who is the Lord and God and King of all existence; they know Who is the "Holy One of God", just as the Bible declares in Mark 1:24.

So be of good cheer, all you who are His beloved, for the Lord God of Israel and His Son Jesus of Nazareth is MIGHTY TO SAVE! His shed Blood can penetrate and destroy every evil force in existence when we cover ourselves with it in faith.  Saints, just scribe it around yourself, your household and, literally, your property each day by the Authority of Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name! Speak it... in faith declare it done, and it will be!  His Blood and His Name - through faith in His Name - will cleanse, protect, cover, and deliver you.  Amen!

Try it and you'll see there is POWER in the Blood of Jesus!

I Bless His Precious, Holy Name.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Sharon

"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts! The whole earth is filled with His Glory!"
(Isaiah 6:3b)