Friday, May 31, 2013

The Sweetness of His Love

Good Friday to you, friends...

For this week, the Lord put on my heart a very simple but powerful, loving glimpse He gave me - again, of His Good Pleasure - during worship back in 2007.  Look at that picture of honey.  There's something about the liquid that is intrinsically inviting and soothing.  Honey has many healing properties, and is completely and easily digested by the human body (unlike today's refined sugar).  In and of itself, honey symbolizes sweetness, pleasure, goodness, and deep LOVE.  The truths from Abba's coffers in goodness to His beloved, the Bible says, are sweeter than honey and the honeycomb.  How true!

May you be enveloped in all of His benevolent love for you as you read this brief but beautiful encounter today.  God bless...

God's Vision to Me of:

Sunday as we worshiped, I literally saw honey coming from the Father; gushing down from His head and pouring forth from His pores and entire body.  It was beautiful! This was His expression of the "sweetness of His Love" coming from His Throne, which is part of His very body, anyway.  He is enthroned in His own character in Majesty and, as I watched and we worshiped, all of the amber-sweet sustenance in keeping power and Love for His beloved ran down His holy head in satisfied fragrance and endless supply!  I also beheld all those 'of' Heaven brightly arrayed in Gold garments, signifying the Father's Ownership. O, how they adore Him!  AMEN!

Saints, when we bless God, He gives; when we please God, He gives; whenever we love on God through praise and worship, He gives, and when we stand still and just "be" before Him, He gives.  "For God so loved the world that He gave..." (and He did so while we were yet sinners).

Our God is THE Eternal Giver, always desiring to give and never rob.  He IS the unending Source and Supply of Life, nourishment, blessing, purpose, and redemption for the entire universe and everything else that lives.  That will never change; of this we have His promise in immutable power.

Hallelujah!  How Glorious!  Amen.

Pastor Sharon