Friday, September 6, 2013

The Miraculous Power of Embrace

Hi, all!

Many of us have had or heard of the glorious experience of being "slain" under the rapturous power of Holy Spirit.  This week I'm throwing my story into the mix because it happened to a dear friend of our fellowship during a ministry trip to Philadelphia, Pa.

"Miss Margaret", as we love to call her, specializes in giving folks anointed, healing hugs.  I mean it, friends; the impartation of love and peace in her embrace is no short of miraculous, and I've literally stood in line to receive it.

On this particular ministry outing, the team had witnessed, prayed, and prophesied over a room full of precious lives and were actually then on the receiving end of some ministry from the host fellowship.  The Pastor of the host group is a gentle giant we all respect and love; he, too, is a powerful "hugger".  Well, I distinctly recall the occasion of Miss Margaret approaching him for one of his restorative hugs; my twin sister Lynette was standing beside me, watching.

As the Pastor prayed for Miss Margaret, the two began slowly rocking back and forth a little as the power of God increased in impartation.  The holy "heat" of God's Spirit warmed and encouraged us all, and we also prayed a bit.  The Pastor's voice got louder and so did the heat of the Spirit as he hugged Miss Margaret; then, suddenly, the fire of God was thrust out of the Pastor's mouth and out of his spirit, directly into Margaret's spirit-man.  But that's not all... as she began to fall backward, Lynette and I saw the top portion of her body literally lifted up into the air, then laid out slowly, softly, and easily by ministering spirits, in complete defiance of gravity!

It was absolutely amazing... she left that Pastor's powerful embrace and literally "floated" in the air before being gently and slowly set down by the angels, right before our eyes!  Lynette and I could only stare at her - then at each other - utterly astonished at such a tangible manifestation of God's operatives.

We still chuckle and mention that occurrence to Miss Margaret now and then as we see her.  Miss Margaret is a marvelous, gentle giver... and the Lord repaid the goodness of her selfless heart by overtaking her entire being with His essence and grace.  Indeed, those who give, get.  She stayed on the floor for quite a while that day, drinking in all the goodness and mercy conferred upon her by Holy Spirit through that awesome Pastor's potent embrace.


Pastor Sharon