Friday, September 20, 2013

"With God, All Things Are Possible"

Hi, friends...

The vision I'm sharing with you this week is VERY special to me.  It comes straight out of my Book of Visions II and proves that, with God, all things are possible.  I pray it blesses all of you.

God’s Vision to me:

            While lying on my living room floor in worship, I asked the Lord to please “take me some place” in His realm, and He said to me, “you’re already there.”

I had been crying and expressing my love for Him, so I reached up with both hands to wipe the tears from my face.  When I lowered my hands, I realized I was washing in a stream!  The stream was actually near the shore of a river.  The river’s waters were so clear I could see its bed was slate-gray stone laced with gold.  Though refreshing and cold, the water didn’t make me cold and there was nothing uncomfortable or shocking about it.  It coated my face like oil before soaking in.

                While on my knees, I continued washing until a man stepped up beside me shining in yellow-gold garments.  He grasped my right hand and stood me up softly into His gentle embrace.  A moment later I realized somehow the man had become another person hugging me.  However, when I looked up from the embrace no one was hugging me anymore, but a woman was crossing the river shallows and drawing nearer to me.  Her hair shone in dark, long curls.  She was clad in a beautifully woven, floor-length, fine-linen dress wrapping femininely, yet modestly, around her lovely, healthy, life-filled body.  As she stepped over to me, I held out both hands instinctively to help her.  Then I recognized her shining, vibrant, smiling face:  It was my mother!!!  Young again, beautiful again . . . more marvelously beautiful than I had ever seen her and radiating with JOY . . . it literally shimmered upon on her and glinted off of her.

Realizing who she was, I lunged toward her and ardently clutched her into my arms! I pressed her to my chest with an elation I thought was lost forever when she died.  I held her closer than I had anyone since her departure and exclaimed my utter delight at seeing her.  She returned my hug eagerly and sincerely, and her breast imparted an extraordinarily deep healing of love and satisfaction directly to my heart.  I could literally feel the concentrated heat of her love’s comfort and reassurance mark my breast like a newly-minted coin, burning and pulsating with such profound joy at our reunion that all I could do was breathe in the warmth of that long-awaited, relished embrace.

                While holding me she said, “Do all that He tells you to do, and you’ll love it.”  Then she put her mouth closer to my ear and said, “And remember that I love you.”  I answered, “I love you, too, Ma.”  The impartation eased.

As she crossed back over the river, I noticed that its polished, slate-gray and gold bed sloped upward slightly out of the water like fingers onto the ultra-green grass of a park spooning its banks.  She turned to me again while walking and said with a smile and uplifted voice, “Just keep holding on to His hand!”

She was happy.  She was Joyous and Hopeful and because of GOD’S STRENGTH, I could let her go in the same spirit of Joy.  Amen.
(Excerpted from Book of Visions II. Copyright © 2009, by Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)
Pastor Sharon