Friday, January 25, 2013

Garden Visit, Part 2: The Healing

Welcome, friends, to another post of this weekly blog.  I'm glad to be with you again.  :0)

Jesus is God's governing hand and His hand of healing to all nations.  Upon this visit to our garden, I was much in need of healing from woundings adversely affecting my life, and Jesus knew it.  In my introduction to this wonderful place ("Garden Visit") the Lord let me romp and explore the various delights and delicacies He preserved for my spirit's ecstatic enjoyment.  Though I fondly recognized much of where we'd started, my next visit - shared below - focused on God's desire to heal my heart.

That's how God is, Saints; He draws us with cords of love and surrounds us with the safety of His genuine passion and concern.  Once our spirits have received the pure intention of His fervor, He focuses His power on the transformation of our hearts to His.  His plans for us are splendid, and His enthusiasm to present us to the Father as His pure and spotless bride is unrivaled by any lover, anywhere.  Hallelujah!

For me, the best part about this visit is that God affected my healing with His own hands in an intimate impartation I will never forget.  It made me feel like I was the only one He died for.  His heart longs for all of us to feel that way because, as far as He's concerned, that's how it is.  Each of us are zealously treasured and watched over by the Godhead as if we were the one and only human for whom Christ died.

Bless His Holy Name.

God’s Vision to me:
(Excerpted from Book of Visions II, Copyright © 2009 - Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

            The Lord told me to rise and walk with Him again during worship.  I had put a pink scarf on my living room floor where He was standing, and I was kissing His feet, worshiping and loving Him.  He said, “Rise, daughter, and walk with Me.”  He told me to put the pink scarf over my head, and I did.  “Let’s go into our Garden and sit and talk a while.”
            The bough of white roses was bent back again as we passed through to our ‘delights’.  We walked across the white-sand path and grassy mound to the beautiful wrought-iron bench and sat down.  I saw a cluster of white doves burst into flight above us, soaring into the air.  “It is Holy Spirit,” He said.  “He knew you’d want to see a manifestation of Him.” 
            Jesus sat first and moved to the far end of the bench.  As I positioned myself beside Him, he pivoted His upper body generously, allowing me to couch myself comfortably in the bend of His left arm and shoulder.  Christ then rested His right hand on my emotions.[1]  I looked down at His hand:  gentle, beautifully formed, and vascular with the light of God flowing through His veins (there was no blood, for that had been shed).  Then I saw the hole - the one the nail had formed at the base of His hand.[2]  “Do they still hurt you?” I asked.  He shook his head no and said, “they’re a JOY to Me[3]; they bring me MUCH JOY at a job well done according to My Father’s plan.”
            I realized I wanted to touch them - the holes of both hands - really feel them with my fingers, and as I sat up to do so I saw oil coming from them, flowing onto the hands of the Lord!  Inhaling this oil fragranced with peace[4] established within me the most complete stillness and focus on His face I had ever experienced, and I didn't hear or see anything other than His face when this intoxicating essence kissed my fingertips and instantly engulfed my nostrils, swirling through all my senses and filling my being with peace and stillness of such fullness and immediate perfection, it startled me with delight.  God’s head became cowled in a prayer cloth as He looked at me, and I laid back again in His arms.  This time, He put His right hand on my breastbone, and I stroked it softly.
            The Lord was supple, fragrant, and warm; yet total safety, security and strength surrounded me in His arms.  I continued to stroke His all-consuming Right Hand as He spoke to me.
“I Am the Father’s ‘Governing Hand’, for so He would have it be.”  Then He stretched out the fingers of His right hand and covered my heart.  “I took the hole in My Right Hand for the healing of the Church and the works of My Bride.”  Then He gently pressed His right hand into my chest and said, “Be healed of all resentment and offenses . . . be healed of all wounding and offenses . . .” His hand grew warmer on my heart, and I was overcome with His loving power and tranquil, yet complete authority over a vessel He had created.  He told me to “be healed”, and I was definitely being healed!  I felt the offenses, the hurts, and the woundings ‘come to the surface’; I felt their purging by His hand of penetrating fire on my heart.  They burned and rose further and further off of my heart, and they came out of my mouth in relinquishment and obedient submission unto Him in His desires to free me of their poison.  When I spoke, “I relinquish them, Lord,” I saw them leave my mouth and go straight into the hole in His hand, where they dissolved!  The words appeared mucousy white and came out in streaks, dissolving completely each time I spoke in relinquishment.  Then He said, “Rest a while, daughter.”
 I remember seeing Holy Spirit's cluster of doves breeze by again, and I fell asleep in Jesus’ arms . . .
                When I woke, I was back in my body in my living room, and I heard Him say, “That is all for now.”  The pink scarf was still over my head.  Amen.

[1] On the body, where the breast and abdomen meet.
[2] God allowed me to see for myself that the nails were not thrust into the palms of His hands, but where the heels of the hands meet the wrists.
[3] Hebrews 12:2.
[4] Isaiah 53:5.

In His Love and Favor,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, January 18, 2013

Garden Visit

Jesus is such a personal God, and that's really the only way He craves to know us. The visions He's given me over the years are so personal and treasured, I've had no problem keeping them in the coffers of my heart awaiting His timing for their release.

It's important you know, beloved, that God will be as personal to you as you allow. The best part is that your most abandoned fervency of deep desire for His Heart is far surpassed by His fierce love for you.  He longs to be pleased by our Godly living, but He also longs to please us in union with Him.  What loving Husband doesn't want to please His wife and bring to bear her every good and perfect wish?

For all who call Him God, Father, Husband - He is waiting at the gates to a garden fragrant and floral, fashioned by His own hand, solely for two...

In this encounter, He granted me a glimpse of what's reserved for He and I.
May Holy Spirit speak to your heart in loving invitation as you read.

God’s Vision to me of:
(Excerpted from Book of Visions I. Copyright © 2009, Sharon Joy Gramling - JSM)

I bowed down worshiping in the living room of my home, and the Lord said, “Rise, daughter, and walk with Me.”  Upon rising, I was in the spirit realm at the entrance to a beautiful garden.  The first thing I noticed to my right was the huge heads of fluffy, white, vine roses hanging from a trellis arched over the garden entrance.  I wondered at their being white, and the Lord said, “to symbolize the purity of our place together.  This is our garden, Sharon – yours and Mine.”
              Jesus’ right hand held the trellis, and with His left hand He moved the vines of flowers to one side so that I could enter. Upon entering, I saw gorgeous patches of deep-purple pansies on the ground.  Their royal petals and dark-brown/buttercup-yellow centers evoked memories of picking out spring flowers with my mother. The startling beauty of their colors blessed my eyes. Then I saw more climbing roses (red this time) clinging to colonies of lively, green hedges, much like the roses my mother planted in the front yard of our home on earth just days before her death.
               “Everything . . . that is dear to your heart is laid forth here,” Jesus said.
Before my emotions had fully grasped the wonder of His words, I heard singing.  Sweet and clear, it was a single song of love in Jesus’ heart – but it was in my voice!
              “This is where I go whenever you sing to Me, Sharon; whenever your heart is clear and I can hear nothing but your heart, it pleases Me beyond measure.  The Father’s design is for you to hear Me clearly, and for Me to hear you.”  The singing and notes were crystal clear and teeming with purity, faithfulness, and devotion.  The sounds wafted over the garden, captivating my attention until I noticed I was standing on sand – white sand in a path stretching a few feet ahead of me, and bending around a mound of grass and fruit trees; on the mound sat a bench.
              “I know you like to wiggle your toes and play in sand,” Jesus said, grinning with child-like pleasance.  “Everything here is geared to your delights.”
              I stepped off of the warm, ultra-fine sand onto the fragrant, grassy mound.  Unlike the sharp, wiry sod on earth, this grass felt soft as baby spinach leaves under my bare feet; and as I lifted my soles, each blade resumed perfect form.
The entire garden was abundantly perfumed and colorful.
In front of me was a black, wrought-iron bench with plump cushions.  The perch was welcoming, and about five feet long.  Beautifully contrasting floral designs of deep green, yellow and red covered the cushions, perfectly complementing the jet-black metal.
The more my eyes enveloped the precious aspects of my life laid before me in this lovingly preserved, aromatic treasure trove of my heart’s pleasures, the more awestruck I became.  My grateful, wide-eyed scan of the place spied crab-apple and peach trees further into the garden, spreading their slender, leafy arms.  Noting my recognition in complete understanding, Jesus’ next words were perfectly placed:  “For the peach trees that were in your (yard at) home, and your mother’s crab-apple jelly. These memories are precious to your heart.”
The salt of welling tears touched the back of my throat as I succumbed to His earnest, overwhelming regard and appreciation for the things I intensely cherish in life.  These things He purposely preserved for eternity, just because I love them.

In the most memorable portion of my visit, I heard violin music. I recalled once hearing the violin played on earth in sound and manner so enrapturing to my emotions it was as if the composer’s heart took voice. I asked the Lord to enable me to express my heart to Him like that some day . . . and here it was, that same melody in kinship with my spirit, piped through the heart of God in stereophonic passion!  I wept outright when I realized it was actually Holy Spirit singing!!  His tones gushed all the fervent nectar in my heart for Abba in such tender, caressing lilts and sways; it nearly burst my breast to listen.
Holy Spirit wore robes of purple, gray and white.  He stood near brilliantly deep-red rose bushes.  His arms were outstretched, reflecting my heart’s abandon and profound welcome of Abba’s embrace.  I listened.  Waves of Love overtook me as Holy Spirit continued expressing my full heart to God.  I could only weep.
Love-soaked sobs filled my throat nearly choking my breath, and yet the magnificent exchange of Love continued . . . and increased . . . until . . . finally unable to bear the intensity of His fierce Love’s imparted expression while still connected to my flesh . . . I was released.

Euphoria coursed through me.

Then the Lord asked me if I wanted to return to our garden momentarily.  When I did, I saw that the sand path emptied onto white stone.  The Lord said, “Alabaster.”[1]  Suddenly, I remembered this scripture:

"For you shall go out with JOY, and be led out with peace..."
-- Isaiah 55:12a             

I started to follow the stone path, but the Lord told me the fragrance and JOY deeper into the path would only increase, and I could not bear that increase on this visit.
Back in my living room, I sat on the floor weeping as I recounted the vision, awash in His JOY and LOVE.

[1] Symbolic of Joy.  (Compare Matthew 26:7-12 and Hebrews 12:2) 

Lord willing, next week's post will feature a second visit with Christ Jesus in this glorious garden, as He laid His healing hand upon me.  Until then...

Blessing and praising my Divine Husband,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, January 11, 2013

Angels at the Airport

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another God-inspired post of Beyond the Veil.

The experience God asked me to share this week is in keeping with our praise of the powerful Blood of Jesus.  It's one of my very favorite to share because of its powerful encouragement in faith, and the treasure of it changed my view forever of God's Heart of protection for His children and His impenetrable strength and abilities on our behalf.

Let me just say before beginning that Abba takes our prayers very seriously.  When we pray in faith believing, we are most definitely heard and answered by His generous, compassionate Heart through His wondrous hosts and fleets of angels. Every one of them has life through His being, and they cater to His slightest desires with a gladness the brightness of which would eclipse the sun.  O, how they love Him! Amen.

On a bright sunny day, I was riding with others in a van on the way to minister in Queens, NY when we passed an airport along the highway.  No big deal, generally, except traffic slowed a bit as we passed by, and a dimensional rift in the atmosphere caught my spirit eyes. At first, it looked literally like the wavy, in-air motion of heat rising from the asphalt.  But as my spirit man began to heighten my senses (like it always does when Abba is poised to reveal His Realm), I fixed my attention on the rift.

As I did, the dimensional atmosphere around the airport opened to me, and I began seeing what looked like the fluttering of a giant, translucent piece of cloth.  A few more seconds passed as we eased ahead in traffic (one of the rare times I was actually glad for the delay), and color filtered into the vision.  It was definitely a gown I was seeing... an enormous, pink tidal wave of a gown flailing about the beautiful feet of what must have been a 100-foot-tall celestial being!

Dear friends, as the Lord lives, that day I saw one of the largest angelic beings I have ever in my life seen - and it was running behind what looked to be a jumbo jet (dwarfed by the size of the angel) zooming down the tarmac toward takeoff!

I admit, my face was smeared against the van's window when the absolute coolest thing in the universe happened... God opened my spirit ears to hear the immense impact of sound emanating from the angel's fluttering robes AND it's earth-shattering footfalls as it trailed this plane to flight, lolloping mightily behind it.

BOOM  is not even close to the right word for it, for power in the Authority of Abba accompanied the being's locomotion... Saints, it was glorious to behold as, with every forward stride, the angel drew closer and closer to the huge aircraft (which, in its eyes, must have resembled a toy) and eventually left the ground with it as it rose to its flight course! The angel literally cupped the flying machine in the palm of its colossal hand and softly soared into the horizon, virtually undetected.  Its garments - like gargantuan masts on a clipper ship - rippled goodbye, and I realized I'd witnessed the power of prayer at work in the heavenlies.  Amen.

Before I could catch my breath to utter praise, another series of sonic steps was heard in the atmospheric distance, and I watched as another jumbo jet, its passengers, and crew were cupped in the obedient palm of yet another enormous angelic being, this time clad in blue. Although I was astounded yet again, I couldn't help noticing some planes were taking off without angelic escort.  I asked Holy Spirit about it, and this was His short but powerful reply:
"Those planes you saw with angelic escorts were covered with the Blood of Jesus.  The ones without, were not."
Pow! Plain and simple.  Friends, you could have knocked me over with a feather that day! Holy Spirit told me that the planes with angelic escort carried souls who prayed for their safe passage during the flight and specifically covered themselves and everyone on those planes with the sweet Blood of Jesus.  Holy Spirit said their loved ones on the earth also contributed to the prayerful covering.


Moral of the story, folks - always cover yourself, your travels, and your loved ones with the precious, powerful Blood of Jesus before you leave your households every day, before you go on trips of any kind via plane, train, or automobile.  With those prayers, God dispatches His most powerful angels to guard your every step in addition to the beings who are faithfully loyal and protective of us daily!

Next moral of the story - when we pray, GOD LISTENS!  He honors the precious shed Blood of His Son Jesus the Christ and does not take it lightly when one of His children - bought and paid for by His Son's suffering, death, and resurrection - bows the knee in faithful prayer and supplication for the protection of himself or his loved ones. God hears and answers prayer, and He dispatches legions of His holy angels to guard, protect, and watch over us on Christ's behalf.  I saw this with my own spirit eyes, beloved... God's unfathomable LOVE for us in action through His angelic heavenly host.

Praise the Name of Jesus!  Bless His Holy Name!  For we wield God's Scepter of Authority by faith in Christ's sacrifice for us, and when we pray His Blood's covering over ourselves and our children, it is there!  Amen.

Abba's Angels at the airport that day were a symbol of His blessed assurance I will never, ever forget.

Love and Faith in Him,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Powerful Blood of Jesus

In Jesus' Name,  WELCOME to the "Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision" blog site!

The Lord has commissioned that this unique branch of the Daddy's Girl blog now appears weekly in its own setting of praise and testimony to God's mighty power revealed through the activity of His spirit realm.  Please note that God has authorized posts for this blog to appear once weekly, on Fridays and, with His direction, there will be occasional guest bloggers contributing to the testimony in praise and counsel delivered here.  (Post days may increase depending upon the need.)  For your convenience, a link to the Daddy's Girl blog appears on the blogroll at the bottom of this page.

The other day I was thinking about the true Authority of the Blood of Jesus.  We all know its unmatched power to save souls and cleanse from sin first and foremost, but whenever I flash back to an experience Pastor Nancy Snyder and I had a few years ago while ministering at a small conference in Delaware, inevitably, I end up shouting praises to the Lord for His shed Blood's awesome ability to annihilate all enemy forces.  It totally cracks me up to see demons trying to break bad in the face of even being touched by Christ's Blood, because they're actually scared to death of it.

There were many astounding works of Holy Spirit manifested among us at that time as God's power had been mightily unleashed.  But the lesson I learned about the Blood's authority after one young woman in particular had been delivered of demonic oppression left me stunned. 

At times God reveals the spirit realm to me like animation on Plexiglas, overlaying the natural world's activities; this was the case back then.  As my natural eyes beheld the young woman rejoicing in our midst, suddenly, God's "overlay" to my spirit eyes revealed a ring of demons surrounding her.  As they circled, they tentatively poked their toe tips toward her, like bathers testing water.  Faster than the speed of light Holy Spirit answered the puzzlement of my heart by identifying what I saw to be, "encroaching demons".

Straight away, I told Pastor Nancy what I saw, and Holy Spirit explained to her that they sought to immediately reclaim the newly swept and garnished house from which they'd been evicted.  He further explained to her (all in a matter of milliseconds) that the Blood of Jesus literally needed to be scribed around the woman by her own Pastor to prevent their re-entry. Pastor Nancy told the woman's Pastor to do this and, when he did, those stupid demons still tried to attack the woman, BUT THEIR HANDS AND ARMS WERE LITERALLY BURNED OFF BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS scribed around her in the faith and obedience of the man of God!  None of them could re-enter her!  Not one!

Saints, I saw this with my own spirit eyes in His Realm! I testify to you of the mighty power of the Blood of Jesus to literally melt demon limbs and totally subdue demonic forces! Amen! God is Faithful and, when we apply His Blood by the power of prayer and faith-filled warfare, IT IS APPLIED as we command in the Authority of Christ our Redeemer!  God doesn't play, folks; when we speak it there - IT IS THERE!

Hallelujah to the Lord Jesus, our Champion in ALL things!  The very mention of His Name and especially His Blood strikes abject terror in those deranged beings, for they know Who is the Lord and God and King of all existence; they know Who is the "Holy One of God", just as the Bible declares in Mark 1:24.

So be of good cheer, all you who are His beloved, for the Lord God of Israel and His Son Jesus of Nazareth is MIGHTY TO SAVE! His shed Blood can penetrate and destroy every evil force in existence when we cover ourselves with it in faith.  Saints, just scribe it around yourself, your household and, literally, your property each day by the Authority of Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name! Speak it... in faith declare it done, and it will be!  His Blood and His Name - through faith in His Name - will cleanse, protect, cover, and deliver you.  Amen!

Try it and you'll see there is POWER in the Blood of Jesus!

I Bless His Precious, Holy Name.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Sharon

"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts! The whole earth is filled with His Glory!"
(Isaiah 6:3b)