Friday, February 22, 2013

Angels... what's not to love?

The wings on God's beloved angels are not only used to fly.  Those who have them for flying do fly with them, but those holy wings are also used to "cover" and protect.  Also, their feathers impart JOY to believers...

Hello and welcome, everyone!

The visions the Lord has imparted to me concerning the activities of His angelic host over the years have focused me and delivered my mind from preoccupation with earthly things.  He has healed me through the seer gifting and through allowing me to grow in the understanding of what it is to be designated as a Seer in His Kingdom.

Today, my thanks is going forth to God for His beloved angelic host - the creatures with whom I am becoming increasingly acquainted as I draw nearer to God's Heart - and their protection of me and all of God's children from our birth right up to this moment, including supernatural protection during Hurricane Sandy.

The first time I recall being truly impacted by the sight of an angel's wings was during church service at Jehovah Shammah when its home was still in New Jersey.  It was one of the first times we "ascended" as a group to the Heavenly realm, which required dimensional travel.  To keep us safe and properly escorted through the second heaven (where there is demonic activity), angels of dimensional travel were assigned to our ascent.  One of the beings particularly caught my attention as he lifted what seemed to be a transparent, holy bubble - containing us all during worship - upward out of earth's atmosphere.  We rose up, in the mighty angel's  hands, through the roof to the outside and up into the sky!

This angel was for sure... meaning he was no joke, baby.  His arms were double the size of oak tree trunks, and his body was long, thick, and sturdy like a steel building; he was at least 25 feet tall.  But for me, the coolest thing about him was his wings!  Their span was easily 60 feet, tip to tip, and they were connected to a base sticking up from the angel's backbone as thick as a telephone pole.  So, picture the angel laying horizontally, like superman, but with a four-foot pole sticking out of his back (it literally was part of his backbone), and then these HUGE, fully-formed, gorgeously powerful wings extended from that pole flapping mightily to propel the giant being!

HO!  Hallelujah!!

With every thrust of his wings the universe shook!  It was like the sonic boom of the sound barrier breaking a thousand times as his wings "see-sawed" in space, enabling our propulsion from earth to Heaven with incredible breadths of wingspan penetrating the layered atmosphere by God's holy command.  Indeed... ALL THIS TAKES PLACE in the spirit realm as Saints worship and praise God with whole hearts fixed upon Him.

The angel wore simple garments; a tunic which appeared white at first and then pink as he lifted us to his holy destination.  His hair was fashioned simply, in what beauticians of old called the Pageboy style, surrounding his face; and his eyes were fixed on the bubble he was lifting, full of the saints, united and precious to God - and he knew this, I sensed it from him strongly as he concentrated on fulfilling his task before Abba.  The sight of him marked me forever - a privilege I count as one of the greatest in my life.

Daddy regards the obedience of His Holy Angels as priceless and precious before His Throne.  We are indeed the Redeemed and blood-bought members of His Royal Family, but make no mistake, my friends, He LOVES His Angels.  He prizes their obedience and loyalty and talents as fine gems, costly and clean (pure)... beloved in His sight.

During Hurricane Sandy the angels were at work triple and quadruple-time on our behalf. Holy Spirit enabled me to see and hear Abba's Holy Edict before the storm that "My Beloved will be kept safe."  And I saw the holy angels leave their stations up above to take their places and positions on earth, designated both by Abba and by the Redeemed on earth He had asked to pray.  (Our Pastor, Apostle Nancy Snyder, was one of those God Himself directed to commission and position His angelic host in various avenues and outposts of protection wherever they were needed during the storm.  I thank God for her obedience and the obedience of all the saints who were so directed!)

During the storm I saw ministering spirits linking arm-in-arm at some points, and hand-in-hand at others.  They were circling trees with God's whirlwinds of protection and literally holding others in place by Abba's power; the same goes for telephone poles and power lines. And if some trees and poles fell, they did not destroy the homes of God's beloved, nor did they crush the Redeemed.

Angels held back and/or redirected rushing water that would have normally flooded area basements beyond capacity; God's hand protected power lines around my home from the battering 85-mph winds Sandy packed when she came ashore in New Jersey (I saw His Arm, literally, from elbow to fingertip shield trees with branches entangled in power lines in front of my house), and a little angel named Caleb maintained his post in my bedroom, putting a "Glory Marker" in the window, alerting his fellow angels to a place where they could rest and be restored for further battle.  

Isn't that a w e s o m e?!!!

Now, please know that I am not saying you're not a child of God if you or your God-fearing family suffered deaths or sustained significant damage from the storm; far be it from me and, if that's the case, my heartfelt prayers are with you, sincerely.  What I am saying, however, is the power of God was unleashed in a specific and mighty way to protect His beloved supernaturally during that horrific weather event and, for that, I wholeheartedly give Him PRAISE!  Moreover, I praise and thank Him for the faithful obedience of His Precious Angelic Host.

also must note that the praise and worship music I play continually in my home was of critical aid to the angels, such that the Lord would not allow me even to lower its volume during the height of the squall.  "The angels need it," He told me.  See how important it is that we remain in the Spirit all day and night in our homes and everyday lives?  It gives SUCH assistance to the ministering and warring angels who are on duty in cooperation with Holy Spirit guarding and protecting our lives and property every moment.  Frankly, I consider it an honor to aid - even in a small way - those Heavenly creatures who have comforted, aided, and protected me by Abba's guidance and power every day of my life!

And then they take their rest.  When they are finished with such staggering assignments, they replenish themselves by drinking from Abba's cup of refreshment made especially for them, and they laugh and rejoice in Him to receive strength - renewed strength - to face another battle.  They "pass through" one another in fellowship and thanksgiving for teamwork and mutual devotion to the Lord... they are a powerful, happy, and joy-filled folk from whom we all can learn when it comes to grateful consistency and humble allegiance to the Lord.

"Above (the Throne) stood seraphim; each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.  And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!" (Isaiah 6:2-3)
God's Holy Angels... what's not to love?

Have a marvelous weekend!
Pastor Sharon

Friday, February 15, 2013

Linked in Oneness

Hello to all!

The encouragements of our God are boundless.  He has led my heart to share with you a vision regarding the link in righteousness the Godhead enjoy with one another as, together, They see to the concerns of the earth.

When His heart led me to this vision, I recall thinking about what pleasure and a sense of security the average child derives from seeing his/her parents hug and kiss and agree with each other.  I got that sense from this ethereal encounter.  It was sealed by God's word of transparency to me which, this time, I'll share after the vision.  You know, Abba never asks us to do or be anything He hasn't already done or been.  He asks of us honesty, transparency, emotional vulnerability; and, as we draw nearer His heart, He reveals those very things to us in His own emotions.

I speak of no lack or deficit in God, certainly; but point out that He Who created emotions also feels and experiences emotions.  We know God grieves and weeps as well as laughs and leaps in joy over us.  When He holds out His hand in love to a sinner, there's vulnerability and risk in that - but He does it anyway (and that's what He asks of us).  While He is never unkind, He is always candidly honest and authors such conduct in us.  I love that about Him; no hypocrisy anywhere, ever - only love.  Bless His Name.

God's Vision to Me of:
(Copyright © 2009 Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)

The Godhead's "link in oneness" was manifested tonight in a vision God gave me.  During worship, the Lord asked me to lay on my right side and, when I did, immediately I saw a thick, velvety curtain of Blood before me.  The curtain moved aside revealing the Godhead enthroned.  Restoration and delight hues (mint-green and teal) were swirling all around Their thrones, encapsulating Them in ethereal brightness and intoxicating beauty.

Their thrones were juxtaposed, right-to-left, in front of me, with Abba at the far right, Jesus in the center, and Holy Spirit to the left, closest to my sight.  Holy Spirit was "burning" in powder pink and glinting white stones resembling pearls and diamonds.  Abba and Jesus wore the garments of the atmosphere - wispy white and mint-green and teal.  Jesus had a blood-red band around His neck, which appeared to hang as a necklace and choker simultaneously, depending upon my angle.

All three thrones were "linked" by HUGE GOLD BANDS which rested behind Them like colossal wedding rings; each was easily six feet in diameter.  Each was perfectly round and unblemished.

I also noticed Their shoes; each One wore sandals of gold leaf, signifying their agreement in positioning and proclamation in the earth (Their "footstool").

Abba was leaned to His left, and with His left hand He stirred the atmosphere below.  I saw the right side of His neck and face - the imprint of my lips (where I had kissed Him during worship) was still there.  Blowing in Heaven's breeze, His beautiful hair held such illumination it appeared white.

Abba was leaning over, stirring the atmosphere through the entire vision.  With His left hand overshadowing the clouds, He accomplished all He needed to do regarding the flesh on behalf of His "beloved ones" upon the earth.  Amen.


Here is the sweet word Abba gave me before the vision:

"Hear what I would say to you, Beloved -

Righteousness is My link to you.  The Godhead are linked in righteousness, linked in JOY, linked in everything clearly capable of being linked.  I Love you, and the way you 'think of Me' mellows and blesses My heart.  From the turmoil of the day I Am released when My children pay homage to Me and appreciate My heart.  Wicked decisions of men's hearts don't bother Me as much when My children come and soothe Me with their worship.  You are one of these, and for it I bless you.

Carry Me with you always, beloved, in praise and worship before My throne, for I so delight in you coming forward - and you are welcome to share your heart with Me at all times; at all times... at all times I welcome you before My throne and grant 'issuance' into My Kingdom's realms and works.  Be benefitted by Me always, and bless My Holy Name to benefit yourself eternally, beloved - eternally.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen."

What God does for one He'll do for all, friends.  Reach out to Him with loving heart and hands that He might show you the inner recesses of His heart.  He stands waiting for whosoever will.

In Jesus' Name,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Valley of Skulls

Hi, friends.  This week I have a question for you:

How often do you think about the Lord's grief?

In the past, I've asked myself the same question.  After all, the JOY of the Lord is our strength, right?  So we probably don't spend too much time contemplating the Godhead's grief over mankind's debauchery or the heinous fruit it bears.  More concisely, many of us don't consider the utter heartbreak Christ experiences every time a soul is lost forever.

Before God granted me the vision I'm about to share with you, I didn't either.

When I glimpsed the grieving heart of Jesus as He toured a place in Hell that the enemy brags about, I was stunned, appalled, and convicted.  The latter because I'd figured, once a person goes to Hell, that's it - you stop thinking about them until you forget about them completely.  You figure they got what they deserved, right?  So why should we allow them even a blip on the screen of our memory, let alone an actual second thought, right?

Wrong.  The Godhead don't entirely subscribe to that opinion.  This precious, candid view into the tender heart of Christ changed my callous perception of eternally-lost souls.

While it's true there's nothing anyone - including the Lord - can do for a person once they consign themselves to torment by rejecting Christ, I confess that my attitude regarding Hell's subjects was a kind of spit on the ground, what's done is done hardheartedness, directed only at the wasted life, and not even once considering the deep hole their loss rips into the Heart of God.  I had forgotten that His word says,
"... I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live."  (Ezek. 33:11)
Folks, if God takes no hardhearted posture regarding their loss, neither should we.

Therefore, it is my sorrow and honor to share this vision with you.  Sorrow because of its devastating impact on the Lord; but honor, because it further reveals the fathomless, fierce LOVE of His Heart for all of us.  Whenever a soul irreparably turns his or her back on God's plan and destiny, His hopes are agonizingly dashed.  His Heart is broken, and He mourns them with confounding distress.

As you read, may God guide your heart.

A Vision of Hell:
Imparted by Holy Spirit, 2006
 (Excerpted from Book of  Visions II Copyright © 2009 Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM. )

There is a place in Hell called the Valley of Skulls.  I saw the Lord Jesus walking there.  The road He trod looked[1] dank and reached into Hell’s horizon like a gnarled, emaciated arm with dead, dry hills on either side. 
            Christ walked in the dimly-lit valley with His head hung down in deep sorrow, sobbing so heavily at times that His shoulders shook.
            I saw sheets of tears overspread His light mustache and beard as they glistened on a Holy face gaunted by grief.  When He looked up, I saw that He was not flanked left and right by enormous walls of dirt and rock, but by a “mountain” of skulls which dwarfed His height.
            The skulls looked so horrific I was grateful I couldn't actually smell anything of this place (although I had a sense of its stench).  They looked very old and precisely placed.  Clutching moss and fungus transformed mounds of once white bones into rancid yet eternally-decaying shelves of putrid colors:  rotting green, slimy brown, and festering, moldy gray.  By the Spirit I knew the color green I saw had nothing to do with God[2] but was instead a mockery of Him the enemy bragged about.  Indeed, the entire valley was a kind of “trophy” room, but the Lord paid no attention to that.  He was full of grief, yearning, and outcry for the souls of the men and women He’d created who - by their own willful disobedience - had chosen to come here.  Throughout the cursed landscape, their souls’ agonized groaning stabbed His ears.
            Then, as He walked, I saw Him raise His right hand and, pointing upward toward the living earth, He cried loudly, “Come not hither!  Come not hither to the Valley of Skulls!!”  The pleading desperation in His tear-choked outcry ripped open my heart . . .
His head slung down again, and pools of rippling tears spilled onto His chest as - silently and inconsolably - He continued down that long, hopeless path.

            God’s sadness and grief permeated the vision’s atmosphere to a dimension I cannot adequately express or describe.  Holy Spirit tactfully explained that its full magnitude, released to even a modest degree, would have killed me.

[1] This appearance was to convey to my spirit the depressed emotion of that place, the Lord explained to me.  In reality, there is no true moisture or life-giving substance of any kind in Hell.
[2] True green is ever symbolic of God’s Life, Health, and Healing.  In this place of death this color is meant by the enemy to reflect his complete rebellion against God in jealousy, pride, and twisted, evil intent.


As always, dear ones, I praise and thank the Lord for your kind indulgence.

God bless you.
Pastor Sharon

Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Faces of Eternity

Hello, friends...

I was forever changed by this vision of the Godhead I'm going to share.  It acquainted me with all of Them in such an intimate, transforming manner, I could not speak about it immediately afterwards... I could only write it down.

The Godhead transforms you from the inside out; the flesh is burned off bit by bit and you are brought into your spirit man's rightful inheritance in God through faith in Jesus Christ.  The spirit man is strengthened through communion with God and becomes His mighty battle ax of hope, wielded skillfully in His hands, destroying the works of the enemy.  God wants to grow us all to this place, beloved, where the enemy flees at the very mention of our names because we are covered in the Blood of Jesus and carry our Father's shield throughout all we do and say in His Name.

The closer we get to Him in praise and worship, the more we yield to His will in our lives through intimacy with Him, the more He will generously reveal Himself to us... for He longs for us to "know" Him - He doesn't want to hide anything from us.  We were created for fellowship, not estrangement.  When we lay hold of Him and let go of sin, our journey of following hard after Him begins.  How far we go in Him is wholly our choice.  He will fill every cup we earnestly hold out.  He will answer every question we sincerely pose, and He will meet every last need we have - down to the smallest jot and tittle.  (Incidentally, a "tittle" is smaller than the period at the end of a sentence.  God is serious about this.)

Inhale the Lord deeply as you read.  Let Him fill your nostrils and lungs with His Fragrance.  I pray you all become saturated and "set apart" in His Goodness...  Amen.

God’s Vision to me of the:
(Edited excerpt from Book of Visions I, Copyright © 2009 Sharon Joy Gramling, JSM)

During evening worship at home I glimpsed the Godhead’s faces while in the Spirit, respectively manifested in a living room window the Lord designated as a portal to His realm.
ABBA - Jehovah
The Father’s face is broad and profoundly featured.  The Light of “all knowing” illuminates His entire face, but His eyes most particularly declare His omniscience.  Complete pleasure and belonging hold such joyful residence in His face that one can barely look at Him without dissolving into tears.  Tears of gratitude, then of JOY . . . utter JOY and satisfaction (contentment) washed me as I searched Him with my eyes.  His eyes house eternity, for He is Eternity.  As David declared, He knows our thoughts first and completely.[1] When Abba holds one in His gaze, He holds them in His heart, hands, and in this truth, simultaneously.  Amen.
Notwithstanding God’s power and magnitude of omniscience, as I looked at Him my heart most acutely was drawn to His tenderness, and to the truth that His touch is the most loving, fragrantly-soft, safe and kind of all touches.  Abba’s eyes impart His touch. 
He sincerely adores His creation. 
Still feasting with fervent eyes, my spirit flooded with Abba’s communion and acquaintance with every part of me - every single cell and habit and movement.[2]  His absolute familiarity ignited flames of family within me, which emitted the warming certainty of belonging most solely, earnestly, and permanently to Him.  Pleasure rolling from Him to me encapsulated me in His Soul until I flowed through His veins like blood.
Through faith in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we are His blood, and when one beholds Abba’s immense and mighty, flawlessly-Holy face, one sees the map of His Salvation Plan; its Truth beams from His Countenance!  The link with His Spirit through His awesome face incites a knowing of the depths of His gentle heart’s sacrifice in giving the life of His Precious Son so that every willing soul can become His, entirely We are so tenderly prized and valued by Him!

YESHUA - Jesus
(“Divine Husband”) 
The Lord Jesus’ face is life-filled and altogether lovely,[3] such that I could gaze continually at Him and only be energized.  His face also addressed a part of me that spoke of knowing, but clearly the knowing defined by matrimonial intimacy in all of my heart, mind, will and emotions.  A very personal, emotional understanding of me emanated from Him in the fragrance of His desire to know and explore the Redeemed, who are His True Love and the Father’s Delight.
I wanted to take His hand as I looked at Him . . . to immediately “couple” with Him and take on His purpose.  Christ looks at you like you are all He would ever die for.  In His loving gaze, one feels completely worthy and essential to His substance.  His heart’s desire and hope for our transformation and our unity with the Godhead is what His magnificently beautiful eyes contain, as well as Promise - complete promise for a future with Him in eternity.  He looked at me as One Who is pleased and has plans to be pleased forever.
I saw the Heavenly expectancy of the Father in Christ’s face, and Christ’s all-consuming, saturating oneness with Him.  Indeed, in Christ’s eyes I saw the Father looking out at me, in pleasure.[4]

RUACH[5] - Holy Spirit
(“Watchful Friend”) 
Holy Spirit’s eyes appear larger than the Others’.  That of a “Watchful Friend” kept occurring to me - a selfless, watchful friend.  His eyebrows are thick and shelter His eyes in a way that draws trust. Still gazing, I also saw Wisdom in His brows; unfathomable, unyielding, insulating Wisdom of the kind that causes one to please God - full of faith[6] and total dependence upon Jesus Christ.  Holy Spirit embodies “the Invitation”, and radiates the craving to “know Jesus” and to prepare as His Bride.
Strength (Joy) and Confidence come from Holy Spirit in awareness that He will ‘shield one from all harm’.  Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit of Safety,[7] and God’s Conduit of Communication through the Door of Jesus Christ.  We ride Holy Spirit’s prayers into the Presence of Jesus,[8] and Jesus then ushers us into Abba’s Throne Room.
Holy Spirit is responsible for every part of the Redeemed.  His eyes passionately acknowledge the Godhead’s zealous claim of those who love Them.  His eyes readily convey His willingness to know us, His ardent desire to give to us, and His Power in Ability to strengthen us each day with all we desire to draw from the Father’s wellsprings, through Jesus Christ.
            Holy Spirit’s main desire is to draw us, burn within us,[9] and transform us into Christ’s perfect (mature) Bride.  Holy Spirit genuinely likes us He has a deeply earnest desire to befriend us and His affably kind, caring face reveals this.  To receive His heart’s embrace through His eyes is to be tenderly enclosed in God’s Hand of all-consuming, unlimited, and unconditional Love, Acceptance, Knowing, and Understanding.  Amen.

[1] Psalm 139:1-7.
[2] Hebrews 4:13.
[3] Song of Solomon 5:16.
[4] John 8:29; 14:9b-10
[5] Pronounced roo’-ahk.
[6] Hebrews 11:6
[7] KJV Proverbs 21:31; NKJV Psalm 4:8.
[8] Romans 8:26-27.
[9] Imparting to us the Truth of all of Abba’s will for us (John 16:13-15; John 17:17).

It is important to note that the Godhead reveal Themselves uniquely to each individual.  The above recounts the specific manner in which They chose to reveal Themselves to me.  Again, I am eternally changed and grateful.  Amen.

God bless you, friends.
Pastor Sharon