Friday, March 29, 2013

"If it had not been for the Lord..."

Welcome, friends...

Normally, I don't post pictures on this blog site about the visions God has given me, but in utmost love, regard, and remembrance of the singular work of suffering Christ endured to remove my sins and the sins of the world, I'm posting one today.  

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your immeasurable sacrifice, without which my soul would be lost in hell forever.  Because of You, my debt is paid in full.  THANK YOU.  I love You.


"If it had not been the Lord Who was on our side, now may Israel say;
If it had not been for the Lord Who was on our side, when men rose up against us,
then they had swallowed us up quick.

When their wrath was kindled against us, then the waters had overwhelmed us,
the stream had gone over our soul; then the proud waters had gone over our soul.

Blessed be the Lord Who has not given us as prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers;
the snare is broken, and we are escaped.

Our help is in the Name of the Lord, Who made Heaven and earth."

God bless your souls this Good Friday, Saints, and every day from hence as we walk in the light of what we've gained since Christ suffered, bled, and died on our behalf so long ago.  Bless His Holy Name.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, March 22, 2013

God Propels Us Into His Plan

Hello, everyone!

This week's offering I originally shared several weeks ago in the Christian Poets community.  However, I believe its visual impact is very encouraging and will also bless readers of this blog, so I've moved it here and pray you all enjoy it.

The Lord granted me this vision to encourage a woman in our fellowship who'd been designated an evangelist and needed confidence. One evening I glimpsed Jesus on an overlook in His realm, scanning the expanse of the "harvest" with His binocular vision. Without breaking the forward fixation of his gaze, He motioned to attending angels and asked them to, "Give Me Javelin." He bounced the stout metallic rod in His skillful right hand, then reared back His arm and t-h-r-u-s-t-e-d the ready instrument into earth's atmosphere! Whoosh! 

The "Javelin" He masterfully projected was an actual person called to His purpose in evangelism.  It touched my heart deeply to note God's thoughtful application of her abilities to an actual situation on the earth.  I was also blessed to realize such things occur in the heavenlies when He sends any of His beloved "on assignment" in His name.


The vision awesomely coincided with a divine appointment the fledgling evangelist said she actually had in a parking lot that very evening... we were thrilled!   I was so blessed!

God later revealed that 'Javelin' is the sacred name He's given this precious woman in her call as His evangelist to a broken world. Later, the vision inspired this cheerful poem, which I joyfully shared with her:


With white harvest fields so desperately vast
The Lord has a need to fulfill the task
of reaping in souls, so with no delay
He says, "My dear Javelin, I need your kind way
to break through the darkness that I may bring day.

My children need help and pointedly fast,
So you are the one I choose for this task.
Please say you will go, where and when I
for only My Javelin will do to connect
My heart to the sinner that he may repent.
My good will and purpose in you I have sent."

We Three thank you, Javelin, for heeding Our call,
for standing so ready to help those who fall
that they may ARISE to God's perfect plan
through Javelin, propelled by the thrust of His hand!

Copyright © 2009 Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.

God bless you all!
Pastor Sharon

Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of His Belly...

Hello, again!

The power pulsing from Abba always enthralls me.  As He enables my spirit man, I love to simply gaze upon Him.  Holy Spirit illuminated truth about God's River of Life in a vision which endeared me all the more to the Father.  Truly, He sustains and "sources" us with life from His very own body.  Now I understand more fully the parallel between this vision and Christ's declarations over those who belong to Him.  (I'm so glad we were created in God's image and likeness!  Indeed, it is an honor to be called His child.)  God bless you all as you read.

“He that believes on Me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”
-- John 7:38
During a Throne Room experience, Holy Spirit enabled me to view Abba’s Majestic Presence from the vantage point of the River of Life. Looking while hovering above the River, I could see the exact description given by the Apostle John of the River flowing out from beneath God’s Throne. The Tree of Life was thriving along both banks beside it; beautiful.

Then something even more beautiful, even more magnificent was shown to me thereafter, as Holy Spirit lifted me closer to God’s Throne. I was taken to the left side of the Throne and set down upon the Sea of Glass (which is actually deep, white light emanating from Abba and scattered thickly and gorgeously about the Throne Room floor like sparkling, jeweled mist). From there I glimpsed in vision the portion of the Throne which held Abba’s seated form; His waist and legs and knees and feet. As I looked, I could still see and softly hear the waters of the River of Life continually flowing as it was when I was in front of Him; only this time I saw something more by His Spirit. Indeed, Holy Spirit enabled me to view the SOURCE of those living, life-giving waters… they proceeded, literally, from Abba Himself - from out of His own belly! I saw waters upon spectacular blue-green waters gushing out, rushing out from the very Body of the Father, from beneath His rib cage all the way to His loins and upper thighs, the waters flowed and flowed relentlessly in mighty, fragrant, powerful, life-giving, purposeful, ordered streams from His Heart of Love upon all of His Creation, upon the earth, and upon all the children of God who covered that place in Paradise and in Glory! 

Hallelujah! I knew that those same waters are what flow up through us every time we believe in Him, reach out to Him, and call upon His name and trust Him and praise Him as Resource and Power for our daily living and Source upon the earth. Abba seemed pleased as His heart was conveyed to me through Holy Spirit as I beheld Him in Power as Source, Healer, and One and Only Giver of Life to the Universe and everything in existence.

Then, at once, the Father changed position upon the Throne; He simply shifted His hips in positioning as He gazed out at His children basking themselves in His Life-giving Light and bathing in the waters of the River of Life. But that slight, momentary movement of His Body sent a teeming tidal wave of bright, sparkling waters S-P-L-A-S-H-I-N-G down the lane of liquid sustenance, crashing along its shores, covering the grateful redeemed who sat there and emitting the intoxicating fragrance of fellowship, healing, and unconditional Love in forgiveness among the masses at the River’s edge. I saw those waters HEAP over them and move to others in the rhythm and pulse of Abba’s generous, unending will and ardent desires for them. I was smitten by His Power and the way the waters overtook them and blessed them. I was arrested by thoughts of Love emanating from Abba’s Throne, as with every minute He concentrated on His Beloved and how He could nourish them with His Goodness to excel their growth in Him and add to their utter belief that He is the Savior and Source of Life Eternal for all of humanity and all who exist in His Presence forevermore. The waters splashed over their bodies and left His fragrance of Love on their limbs and in their orifices as, in accordance with the Father’s will and pleasure, the River rolled on. Amen!

(Imparted to Sharon J. Gramling, JSM - Copyright © 2008)

Smiling widely in Jesus,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, March 8, 2013

Thunderings Around the Throne

Hello, friends...

The vision I'm sharing this week profoundly impacted me.  It took several moments for me to realize what I was seeing, but I knew what I was ‘hearing’, instantly.  Holy Spirit reminded me I had asked Jesus to bring me to His Throne.  One Sunday in 2008 He brought me there, and I realized God's connection to our hearts as "Father" like never before. The clarity of the Heart of Abba is the Lord Jesus.  Believe me - when we truly want to know God’s Heart we will see Jesus, and only Him.

God's Vision to me of:


(Copyright © 2008 Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)

While at church, I glimpsed the Lord Jesus sitting on His Throne.  The image itself was huge; the chair in which He sat appeared light-blue at first (matching the illuminated mist surrounding it), then ivory; it was slightly reclined and received His body comfortably.

Through the mist around the Throne I saw the Lord from His biceps down, in a pale periwinkle robe and sandals.  When the vision panned back slowly, I saw His head, brightly covered in revelatory mist.  I call it revelatory mist because, through it, I could see His head and wavy hair clearly with my spirit eyes but, to my natural mind, His head and eyes were concealed by the brightness.

This vision engulfed me in every way because it was royal, beautiful, and extremely intense; but most of all, it was audible . . . I could hear the living thunderings around God, and I saw the awesome blades of power emanating from Him, crackling and rapidly touring the mist surrounding His Throne.  

Then the thunderings cracked through me; that’s what made the vision so personal.  I was riveted to the floor.  The sound of the thunderings, those living thunderings, brought the Heart of God so close to me; powerfully permeating my heart and connecting with me on the very level on which I was formed... piercing me more intimately than any verbal advance.  

Then I realized the expression of God's Heart is in those thunderings.  They’re the ‘noise’ of Him - of Who He is and of His Power.  How I love Him!  To be close to the thunderings is to be close to Him - to step through the veil of His amazing Power and Might, into the very Heart of God.

The Lord Jesus dwells beyond the mist . . . for He IS the Heart of God. 

Dear Father, may Your revelation burn through us and in us, today and always.  In Christ's Name, Amen. 

Pastor Sharon

Friday, March 1, 2013

His Place of Peace

Hi, friends...

The more we obey the Lord, the more He trusts us with His underbelly.  He desperately desires to share the blueprint of His heart's highest aspirations with His children and to take us into the "Secret Place" of His protections and love.

Holy Spirit has put a fire in me to know this place.  The experiences I've had with Him have changed me, permanently.  Also, their release is critical to the edification of the church in relationship to the Father's heart and Realm.

Faith and believing are inextricably linked to the knowledge of God's character and abilities on our behalf.  The Father revealed to our Pastor several years ago that His definition of "rest" is total confidence in God's abilities on our behalf.  That truth seamlessly reinforces the emotional fibers of our lives more than anything else, IMO.  When I truly know and believe that God has every detail of my life on His all-seeing radar and in His omnipotent control - to say the least - I sleep like a baby at night.  Nothing else fosters such Peace within me.  I truly find rest in ways I've never before found it.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual rest on levels allowing me to melt into Him and freely explore the land of His abundant love.  He Himself is our Peace, the scripture says... and He Himself is our Promised Land.

In this encounter, I was blessed by the revelation of His massive protections over my life (our lives), and by the supernatural beauty and splendor of the order of angels the scriptures call Seraphim.  They are the "burning" worship angels God has assigned to and entrusted with assisting His children in worship.  I have glimpsed seraphs in varying sizes, depending on the occasion, from human height and proportion to the enormity of stories-high structures.  How great is our God?  His blessings be upon you as you breathe in His magnificence.
God's Vision to me of:
(Copyright © 2009. Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved)

My bedroom was 'alive' with God's Presence, and with that of His Holy angels.  They moved and swirled gracefully in His Glory Realm, and I knew immediately by the Spirit that they were the Seraphim.

I laid down on my right side and continued seeing their splendid activity in constant movement and worship of the Father.  Then another angel stepped out of the concentration of light I was seeing, and his garments fluttered over my head and shoulders as he moved them to one side and stepped over my legs.  He stood at my feet, reached out to my spirit man and lifted me up and out of the room on the breath of God in the Glory.  We floated to the height of the trees just outside my bedroom windows to watch what was happening over (my portion of) the house.

Up there, I saw a Seraph larger than the house.  The being seemed to approach the front of the house on foot.  It had six wings.  Its back wings and garments passed over the house in waves - first the right side, then the left - which sounded like sea-splash magnified a million times to sonic proportions.  The being brandished its garments of worship and praise over the front and roof of my home, then ascended to the roof and laid on its back so that its hair and the wings covering its head dangled to the ground in front of the house.  From its head and hair fell jewels resembling giant frosted diamonds, each faceted and as huge as basketballs.  The stones stacked up beside the house.

Then I looked up and saw the Father standing in the expanse of Heaven above us.  His heart emitted a blood-red spear which zoomed down and into the heart of the Seraph!  The Seraph immediately turned over, and as its belly touched the roof of the house, the blood-red spear split into branches distributed over the roof and absorbed into  the house!  I knew by the Spirit that those branches were shed onto and into my heart, enabling me by Holy Spirit's power to worship and connect with the Heart of God more easily.

"Assisting in worship," Holy Spirit said.  "The Seraphim are ever assisting in worship.  So it is with those 'called' to worship." By that He meant that the Seraphim are called to render such assistance whenever God's chosen ones are called to His Throne to worship.

As I stood amazed, my eyes were suddenly opened further, to a dimension revealing God's Armor Guard, standing along the property perimeters surrounding the house.  All of the beings were thickly armored in gold, silver, and black breastplates and girdles around their loins.  Their bodies were heavily feathered and shaped like doves, with huge wings and the heads of birds.  The brightness of their armor made me squint, but I could still readily see them all standing juxtaposed in massive formation. 

Holy Spirit said, "Abba clearly guards all His Worship points with His children.  It is an 'enemy-free' zone.  The enemy is forbidden to even come near His place of Intimacy with His children, and the Armor Guard of Heaven enforce God's will in that place of Peace on earth.  Amen."


The extent Abba goes to secure places of private intimacy with His beloved cannot be fathomed.  I only glimpsed part of His protections, friends; the scope of His supernatural forces in protection of us go far beyond my limited capacity for comprehension as long as I'm connected to the flesh.  To me, that emphasizes all the more the graciousness and generosity of God's heart to even briefly dip my soul in such extravagant encounter.

The world of His offerings in every realm is ours for the asking, friends.  By His Power, we have only to trust, obey, and believe.

God bless you.
Pastor Sharon