Friday, April 26, 2013

Giver of All Good Gifts

Hi, all...

In keeping with the theme of remembering my mother on the 21st anniversary of her "passing over", the Lord led me to share an encounter He'd given me back in 2008 which bears further testimony to His unfailing love, provision for, and protection of His righteous seed through the generations.

God is the giver of all good gifts, dear ones.  As one Godly generation bequeaths to another the oracles of His wisdom, so the very angels of Heaven offer gifts to the hearts of believers, generationally, at Abba's behest. Generous insight was granted to me from His heart regarding this.  A blessing be unto you all as you read, in Jesus' Name.

God's Vision to Me of:

I saw angels giving to those who are as heavenly lights on earth, and that which they would bequest/bequeath to the blessed on on earth they would cause to travel through tubes/shafts/spheres of light shed upon the earth.

I heard one ministering spirit in the Glory Realm say he would empower us with perseverance and strength as Abba had imparted to him and given him permission to impart, "because the best gift is in giving."

Then the angels also said the word "bequeath" - and I questioned Holy Spirit about this because I'd always heard that a bequest is only valid and transferable upon a death.  Holy Spirit said that those angels who oversee a Holy Bloodline bequeath some of their giftings to the next (Godly soul) in line when the person they were assigned to passes over at death.

"Your mother's angels (those assigned to her) bequeathed perseverance and strength unto you at her passing, along with other gifts for your bloodline continuance, for they knew Abba had (set) fixed your heart for Him and you had agreed."

Then I saw my mother's guardian angels passing on to me those things which I would have need of as a bequest at the "end of their assignment" on earth with her.

Said the Lord, "This (practice in Holy Ordinance) flows continually through the Bloodline of the Holy Ones, select of God and set apart for ministry upon the earth and to inherit Eternal things."


In this precious encounter I couldn't help realizing the eternal hand of God so watchful upon and over our lives, Saints.  While He will not force righteous choices from His children, He does everything in His power to encourage our way in Him, and to protect us from evil by providing the characteristics and empowerments straight from His coffers that we stand in need of to persevere and have JOY in His Name.  We celebrate His goodness, today and every day!

Praise Be to His Holy and Incomparable Name!
Pastor Sharon

Friday, April 19, 2013

Leaves of the Trees

Hello, dear ones... it's good to be back! :0)

Sharing this specific encounter with you all has been on my heart all day.  It's very precious and sacred to me, and draws me closer to Abba every time it's recounted. 

Back in 2009 I had responded negatively to a string of emotional woundings.  Instead of drawing from Christ's unconditional love in these matters, I defiled myself and a friend with unjust, angry speech.  Our words carry enormous power.  What's worse, my friend was never aware of my words - they littered the atmosphere via self-talk in solitude - but that didn't diminish their destructive strength.  The vitriolic utterances were on my account as sin, and God saw the blackness invading my heart.  To say the least, I needed spiritual cleansing, restoration, and healing.

Mercifully, Holy Spirit led me into Jesus' presence for repentance and refreshing; friends, it is only found in Him.  While with Him, He opened this marvelous vision to me and showed me what happens when all of His children seek His presence for forgiveness, restoration, and healing.  God is wonderful.

God's Vision to me of:

I was worshiping on the couch in my living room and I began to 'see' into God's Glory Realm.  First, I glimpsed His face and the flutter of wings on the beings attending Him (Anna Rountree, author of The Heavens Opened  and The Priestly Bride calls them "Angels of His Presence"; truly they are).  Then, as I continued to stretch out my 'receptors' (arms and hands), I began to see into His realm more vividly.  The wonderful "glory blue" of living things and angels surrounded me.  Then the Lord asked, "Do you believe that I see you, Sharon?"  I answered yes from heart's belief.  Soon afterward, the Glory Realm expanded and 'moved closer' to me.  Jesus' face got bigger and bigger and I could see a light on the bridge of His nose.  It seemed like His face opened up and out of it came a dangling bunch of "glory light" that looked at first like fruit of some kind.  God's Spirit bade me to reach out my hands and touch it, and when I did, the Glory Realm came off in my hands!  I could see it clearly come off in my hands as I reached out to grab it, but I couldn't "feel" anything with my hands.  However, in knee-jerk spiritual reflex, immediately I pulled the light down to my body, then to my mouth and consumed it repeatedly.  Then I splashed it like water over my head and face and body - God's spirit-man within us knows exactly what to do! - as I did, I noticed some shapes of light appeared green as well as glory blue... grass-green, symbolic of life and health and healing.

As I ate and bathed in the magnified light, I wept.  I was so glad for God's mercy and so in need of this cleansing!  I could tell that my physical body was becoming overwhelmed, but I didn't care.  I rubbed God's replenishing light over my hands and arms like the balmy lotion it is, and it saturated me such that, at one point, I couldn't see my limbs - only His Light!

Again, I thought it might be fruit or the juice of fruit I was handling in light form, but then the Lord spoke to my spirit, "It is the Tree of Life - 'and the leaves on the trees are for the healing of the nations'.  My Beloved here on earth partake of the (leaves of) the Tree of Life every time they are healed.  Now I have blessed you to see it as you partake, that you may know this is what occurs in My Realm, and that I Am Faithful.  One day you will partake of the Tree of Life's fruit which you saw dangling before you but did not partake, and you will never physically be hungry or thirsty again.  When you die (cross over at death) you will partake, beloved, and you will never die again.  Amen."

Thank You, Jesus!  Our merciful God is, above all things, FAITHFUL!  He will abundantly pardon and cleanse you from sin, just as His word says, my friends.  I pray this vision blesses you to know that His arms are outstretched to receive us in loving pardon each time we come before Him for the forgiveness of sins and restoration to the pure, clean air only His Holy Garments provide.

"If we confess our sins, He is Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9)


Be blessed, beloved...
Pastor Sharon

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Little Hiatus

[I cover this post with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, and I forbid the enemy or his minions any access to it in any form.  Amen.]

Hi, friends...

I've prayed about it, and I'm going to take a small break from posting to Beyond the Veil and my other blogs.  Mainly, this will be for the purpose of developing the Glory Shield website content and pursuing other writing projects God has given me.

Lord willing, April 19 will be the next new post here.  Until then, dear readers, may God bless and keep you in all of your writing, reading, and ministry endeavors.  Please pray I will be able to get some much-needed rest and intimate time with Abba so that I can return fully charged and restored in all that He has for me to share with you.

God bless you all.
Pastor Sharon

Friday, April 5, 2013

Recognizing God's Call

Hello, friends...

Of late I've realized that, several years before I received God's call to the Pastorate, He gave me visions of His intentions. Truly, that's just like Him.  This week I'm sharing one of those visions with you, and I pray you are singularly blessed by His heart.

God's Vision to me:
The Lord asked me to lay down on my right side again; my prayer shawl was folded over my face.  Immediately I saw the Throne of Heaven with three golden steps leading up to it.  The Godhead was there, but only the steps and thick cloud of the Throne's dwelling was visible to me.  The steps were large and the Gold looked thick and heavy as though it had been molten and struck with heavy hammers.

My spirit-man went up the steps, and at the second step saw bronze-like feet; Holy Spirit said they were Jesus' feet.  Then, to the right of Jesus' feet, as if they had emerged from His feet, I saw coppery feet (the bronze took on a pinkish-red hue).  Holy spirit said they were my feet.  "Copper, super-heated, turns to brass," He said.

Then immediately a meadow opened to me.  I saw Jesus holding His Shepherd's staff, standing before a large flock of sheep.  He stood to one side and directed me in (I sensed He trusted me to enter in), then led me to the mother sheep soon to have babies.  At once my hands were full of the leashes tethered to these mothers' collars.  The large, heavily-woolen, pregnant sheep stood four-to-five juxtaposed, and in rows of two-to-three deep following close around me as I led them to where the Lord instructed - directly to a lake filled and white with milk!

I could see the furtive, clear, blue waters in the distance while the hungry sheep I held drank ravenously from the layers of  milk and cream growing richer and richer, covering my feet mid-way between ankles and calves.  I held them, continually, as they all drank (with a few younger, small lambs on the outer edges also drinking).

"Feed My Sheep," said the Lord.  "Feed My Lambs.  Soon they will require meat."

(Copyright © 2008 Sharon Joy Gramling.  All Rights Reserved.)

Saints, I am holding fast to Jesus through this call He's given me.  I value His commissioning in every area of life.  Please continue to pray my strength and obedience in Him that I may serve His Body and feed His sheep and lambs His bounty in revelation and transparency, all the days that I live.

God Bless you all,
Pastor Sharon