Friday, June 28, 2013

Standing in Awe: Part 1

Hello, friends!

Our God is creativity.  Don't you love it that all the rich and bountiful, good and perfect attributes mankind manifests are actually those of Yahweh, our total Source and Supply? While we have life, God IS life; while we do good, God IS Goodness; while we have love, God IS Love.  Knowing Him is knowing more than the "source", my friends - it's literally knowing the "substance".  That's cool!

Over the years, I've seen myriad examples of Abba's immense originality and wondrously vast creativity through the activity of His angels, who I more concisely refer to as His "ministering spirits".

"But to which of the angels has He ever said:

'Sit at My right hand,
Till I make Your enemies Your footstool'?

Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews 1:13-14)

Obviously, these wonderful beings have a specific purpose in God's universe and, to my absolute amazement and awe, He has allowed my spirit to glimpse their beneficent actions in forms and manner no short of astonishing.

Jehovah Shammah Ministries is a healing and deliverance team ministry and, as such, we have been used by God alongside His hosts to minister freedom to multiplied hundreds.  During these times I have seen God's ministering spirits take on many forms and functions at His behest to accomplish His desires for liberty and healing.  Here are some examples:

In cleansing:

Angels have appeared literally in the form of whisk brooms, full-sized brooms, and brushes.  They've used buckets, pitchers, cups, vials, and baskets to impart cleansing to God's people - each vessel filled with whatever the Lord desires to utilize (fruit, Christ's Blood, water of life, honey, molten metal, coins, jewels).  For me, the best part is that, when God has us share what He shows us in the realm of His Spirit, invariably those being ministered to testify to His activity resonating with their life experiences or with prayers they've uttered only to God.  I cannot express how encouraging that is for the entire team.

Who is more fascinatingly creative than God?  Who is more tender and considerate in the manner of exposure and deliverance?  No one.  Saints, there is none like Him.

Lord willing, over the next few weeks, I will continue sharing how God manifests His Presence in areas of deliverance, healing, and warfare while Holy Spirit ministers to His kids through us.

Have a restful, Christ-focused week!
Pastor Sharon

Monday, June 17, 2013

Get Well Soon!

Hi everyone.  It's Lynette (Sharon's best friend and twin sister in the Lord).  My Good Samaritan best friend caught what she helped me get past and is now in the process of getting past it herself, with my help.

Therefore, posting will be put on hold until she is feeling well enough and we solicit your prayers to that end.

Thanks for understanding and agreeing with us for her quick recovery.

Lynette Joyce

Friday, June 14, 2013

Connected to His Heart

Hi, friends...

I pray that, some day in eternity, we will have the highest honor of passing through the fiery coals of the Heart of God.  I know I would cherish such an experience above anything else in my existence for, as far as I'm concerned, it couldn't get any better than that.

In this week's post, I share an awesome glimpse of the activities of the seraphim - God's Holy Angels of Worship who are forever "burning" in His Presence, beholding His oneness with the Godhead, and His sovereignty over all of creation.  It is the seraphs who call out to one another the intense, sonic praises of Abba while hovering over His Throne in Isaiah 6:3, remember; and it is their honor to assist us, the beloved of God, in worship linked to His very Heart.

What an excellent commissioning is theirs, and how even more marvelous it is to be in the Royal Family of God, as are we - blessed and cherished by these angels, under the direct Arm of Christ in Holy Spirit's power.  Wow!

God bless and fill your hearts with His glory (intimate connection with Him) as you read.

God's Vision to me of:

A huge seraph faced the roof of my home holding a large, unfolded fan which it waved over and over across the roof above where I was worshiping inside.

Then I was taken into the eye of the seraph, where there were flames of bright yellow and blue and white.  Holy Spirit said these were a reflection of the Heart of God.

"The seraphs continually behold 'the fiery coals' of the Heart of God the Father.  They impart His Heart to you as you worship."  Hence, the fanning.

Then the seraph was joined by another, who landed on the backyard portion of the roof and flipped over into the house where I worshiped.  When this happened, HUGE PEARLS were deposited into the room and lined the ceiling corners and edges.  Then, silky curtains dropped down from the pearls, sealing the entire room where I was in the privacy and holiness of intimate worship and God's protection.  The seraph took the newly-formed bed chamber up into its arms, cradled and rocked it several times before it folded into a piece of beautiful, illuminated cloth and flew from the angel's arms.  The angel blew breath after it, as if releasing a kiss, and the cloth rose upon the night atmosphere and turbaned Christ's head handsomely.  Swiftly, Christ rose to the Throne of Abba where the turban, as if with life of its own, left His Regal head and wrapped around the index finger of Father God's right hand. 

With that finger, the Father pointed to my place of worship and pronounced edicts over me, based on the condition of my heart in worship of Him (Holy Spirit explained).

"The enemy once presided over this realm, and walked (passed) through the fiery coals; he forfeited this highest of privileges when he fell to earth and the bowels of Hell," Holy Spirit said.  "This experience is reserved for His (the Father's) blessed ones who are willing."

Friends, I look forward to the day when all who are willing, as the Spirit said, will take those everlasting steps through the fiery heart of the One True and Living God.  It is part of our Destiny in Him to do so if our hearts submit to His plan for eternal oneness with us.
"Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of My God, and the name of the City of My God, which is new Jerusalem, which comes down out of Heaven from My God: and I will write upon him My new name." (Rev. 3:12)
Even so come that day... Amen.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sharing His Heart of Love

Hello, dear ones!

This week's post excerpts an encounter first published in the second of my vision books.  It describes one of the wonderful times I've enjoyed with the Lord after He first allowed a joyous reunion with my mother. Exploring and learning about the glorious park and river of Heaven's Paradise - like all riveting encounters with His realm - changed my perspectives on life and the separation of death, forever. God bless you as you read.

God's Vision to me of the:
(Excerpted from Book of Visions II, Copyright © 2009. Sharon Joy Gramling)

                I was in the “park” of Heaven again - the same park and river where I met my mother.  I recall recognizing the place, but this time I also saw things I didn't remember, such as a prominent vine of purple and green ivy leaves to my right as I entered and my feet splashed into the cool, refreshing water which was the focus of this visit.
                The Lord told me my mother was near, but I wouldn't be seeing her this time.  I was there to “wash” and be refreshed with Jesus Who had led me there.  He wore a white robe.
                I looked at the river's shore and, apart from the beautiful gray stones leading down from the ultra-green grass to the water, I noticed the river bottom was lined with gold; it looked like a solid sheet of it!  The crystal-clear water melodically kissed the place where the shining river bottom met the shore's gray stones. 
                Folks were at the water's edge in bare feet and robed in different pastel colors.  I also had the sense that my mother's parents were nearby and had been with her recently at the river.
                I began to wash and wash and wash and wash.  As I did, I began to feel completely refreshed and then o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d with Joy.  I must have lain backward in the water at some point, because I began backstroking and kicking rapidly, happily.  I noticed I wore a white robe and the Lord Jesus was standing in the river near shore, looking out at me.  He was delighted because I WAS SWIMMING!
                “I'm going to heal you of the fear of swimming,” He said.  “Just think of this when you start to swim on earth.”
                 I filled up with such laughter I knew I could not contain it without the help of Holy Spirit.  I began to laugh and cry simultaneously, but it was ALL JOY; all of it . . . all JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF Glory![1]  The Rivers of the Waters of Life are filled with JOY and Cleansing.  Laughter bursts forth within them.  Laughter and singing and outcries of  JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY!
                I was still in the shallows of the river, and I walked in it along the shore's edge. It was then I discovered that the purple vine I'd passed upon entering the park was alive and animated, because as I drew near, it reached out and greeted me!  It wrapped around my right wrist and forearm and - as if standing in front of me - its purple and green leaves framed my head and face.  I smelled a fragrance clean and pure and fresh.
               “A place of refreshing,” the Lord said.  “It is a place of refreshing.”  Then He asked me what I would like to do.  “I would like to see the Father,” I said.  (I bless the Lord for knowing what my heart meant, because it occurred to me after the vision that I had asked for what I had been receiving all along.  As the scripture says, “HE WHO HAS SEEN ME HAS SEEN THE FATHER.”[2]  But Christ didn't stumble over my request; He lovingly received it and answered it.)  “I will give you of His essence,” Jesus replied.  
                Immediately, three balls of orange fire formed in the sky where we were.  One was very large (about three feet wide) and hit me on top of my head; the two smaller ones (about six or seven inches wide) landed on my hands and traveled up my arms.  Then the fire of them turned into thick oil on my hands, and I remember looking at them.
                “The essence of the Father,” Jesus said.  “He's in the air around us; He is the air around us.”
                I was transformed into that essence, and its aroma fused[3] in me a simultaneous desire and reception of the Father's presence I can't begin to adequately describe.  It was pure, holy, all-consuming, completely pleasurable, and full of Love.  There is ALWAYS glorious, infilling fragrance wherever God is, but the Love-engorged aroma He emits is His direct embrace . . . it's what draws us to Him and transforms us to His image, inviting us to crave His everlasting Arms and be soaked into them like oil.
                I had looked up at the 'sky' upon entering the park and saw it was gorgeous lavender with deep purple clouds and white streaks of heaven.  Over the clouds flew angels along their way, drifting to music, riding tones, and just enjoying the ‘air’.  Learning that they inhabited the “essence” of the Father made their actions all make sense.  They too were delirious with JOY and with the sweet, relaxing euphoria the Father's Love brings.  It all made sense and it all was beautiful beyond imagining!

The last thing I remember doing was walking out of the water, up the hill, and looking out over it. I saw fruit trees.  Green leaves, heavily-laden with orange-red fruit that looked like nectarines or fuzz-less peaches.  I knew the fruit was also for my refreshing, and I could see myself slurping a bite of it before I was gently placed back into my living room.            

[1] 1 Peter 1:8.
[2] John 14:9.
[3] Webster’s:  Melt; to unite by or as if by melting together.

The generous heart of our Father never ceases to amaze me, friends.  He wants above all to share Himself and all His realms with us.  For this, and all things, I bless His Holy Name.

God bless you all.
Pastor Sharon