Friday, July 26, 2013

A Literal Gaping Maw...

Hello, everybody!

What I'm sharing this week is more along the lines of miraculous than it is visionary (although all of God's realm is miraculous).  It is about a time God literally saved my life.

Many years ago, while in elementary school, I had to walk 1/4-mile up an unpaved hill to the school bus stop on a highway shoulder.  Back then, the road guards were white pylons connected by thickly-braided wire, and I sat on those wires awaiting the bus.

The family of a girl also riding the bus (though she attended a different school) lived atop a large knoll across the road.  They had a long driveway winding down to the highway, and each morning the girl walked down, waved hello, and waited for the bus on her side.

Her family also happened to own a huge, unfriendly German Shepherd (I forget the dog's name) the girl's mother kept tightly leashed during the mornings she walked her daughter to the stop.  I remember, in particular, how the dog disliked me to the point of standing on its hind legs, pulling against the leash, barking aggressively every time it spotted me.  Many times its angry ardor forced the girl's mother to leave the bus stop before the bus arrived, just to calm the animal.  To say the least, I was afraid of it.

[Note:  In hindsight, I've realized the dog probably behaved that way with all strangers but, to my then naive and overly-sensitive emotions, it seemed I was the creature's only enemy.]

The miracle I've referred to happened one morning as the girl opened the house door to walk to the bus stop.  It was then the canine locomotive forced its way past her and escaped! Naturally, it made a bee-line down the winding hill, its claws tossing up dirt in acrimonious strides.  Snarling barks left no doubt of the dog's intent to separate me from my throat as it malevolently charged across the highway.

I was absolutely frozen in fear.

It seemed as though the devil himself bounded towards me in ultra-slow motion, friends; and then it happened...  As the beast reached the middle of the highway, (about ten feet from me) it was struck suddenly by an oncoming car!  The dog never saw its approach and, truthfully, neither did I.

It was a bittersweet, surreal rescue, as certainly I’d have been badly bitten that day – perhaps even mauled.  I don’t believe God would have allowed the dog’s demise if it wasn’t intending to harm me.

Believe it or not, I did sympathize with the girl rushing down the hill behind the Shepherd, obviously unable to reach it in time.  She cried beside the dog smitten back to the roadside. To my recollection, she did not attend school that day.

It actually took quite some time for me to realize GOD had saved my life.  I vaguely recall I was so  stunned by what happened that, as usual, it was my mother who connected the dots back to Jesus.  The dog was easily half-again my size, and I wasn’t on its “best friends” list...

God saved my young life from a literal gaping maw.  Hallelujah!

Friends, do you have a similar testimony to God’s goodness miraculously rescuing you?  If so, I’d love to hear it.  If not rest assured that, God keeping me, I’ll be back next week to continue sharing God’s miracles and visions in my life!

All Love in Christ,

Pastor Sharon

Friday, July 19, 2013

Heirs of Salvation

Perhaps you're familiar with the Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, Pa.?  Those of you who are will note how their stunning, bible-based productions always include an invitation of sorts as stories are linked to the Godhead's plan for our salvation through Jesus Christ.

Watching a DVD of one of their recent productions today reminded me of visits to the theatre where I was always asked to report anything God "showed me" in His realm.  During one of those visits the Lord enabled me to see angels posted in single-line formation all along the front of the production stage.  I admit that, at first, I wondered whether or not the beings were some ethereal special effects achieved by the theatre company since every play they do grows mightily in technical savvy.  But this was not an earthly event; the sequences that followed proved that.

The line of angelic beings stood, robed in soft white, with their hands clasped behind their backs.  They looked out at the crowd with diligent concern.  As I looked at them, I listened also to the play and realized it had come to the point of "invitation" always so powerfully touching.  It was then Holy Spirit assured me there would be souls saved, and He told me the angels stationed onstage would usher their spirit-men to the true Spirit of Christ present in the auditorium!

Even though there was no formal altar call I watched as, in God's realm, the newly-arisen spirit-men of all those accepting Jesus walked to the front of the auditorium and were ushered to the presence of Christ joyfully inhabiting that day's performance.  Jesus anointed the newborn spirit-men with the oil of His Essence (a sweet-smelling liquid pouring forth from His own veins), kissed them, and sent them back to their souls and bodies... O, Saints, it was wonderful!  What a sight to behold in His spirit realm bearing testimony to the change occurring in each one of us when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and are washed and made free through His forgiveness!

That was an altar call like I had never seen before... and the marvelous angels present were more than glad to assist the Lord and receive the blessed redeemed into the Family of Christ.

God is amazing!

Lord willing, until next week...
Pastor Sharon

Friday, July 12, 2013

Standing in Awe, Part 3: We are His Sanctuary

The scriptures say that angels of God encamp around the righteous.  Also, I've read about how they inhabit our worship services and form canopies over us, making ethereal sanctuaries of our gatherings.

As I've grown in the seer designation over my life, God has enabled me to experience the work of the cherubim for myself.  One of the coolest things I've ever seen happened years ago while my Pastor and I were ministering together at a conference (I think it was in Philadelphia, Pa.).  As we settled into the conference room right before service, God asked me if I'd like Him to "open my eyes", as He regularly phrases it.  When I answered yes, immediately in the spirit I saw a brilliant yellow light coming from one of the back corners of the room.  It was so bright that even though the entire room was illuminated by His Spirit, that corner particularly drew my eyes.  As Holy Spirit lent further clarity to what I was seeing, the forms of four enormous, armored beings sharpened before my eyes.

Honestly, back then, when I was shown such things I was astonished to the point of distraction!  At first all I did was sort of stare and (practically) drool with amazement, such that Holy Spirit literally had to get my attention and ask that I try to focus... God is so patientOver the years I've lent myself to greater focus, but the astonishment has only increased!

His Cherubim

The four cherubim were grouped together with their backs toward us, as if discussing among themselves Abba's mission for the evening.  They wore armored sashes over their golden forms, and when they turned toward us to take their places in the four corners of the conference room, I saw weapons and tools sheathed within the sashes.  Cherubim themselves are four-sided or four-headed beings (some beings of other ranks have two heads, some have more than four), and lights emanating from them span north, south, east, and west as Abba grants His power.

When they took their stations, I saw the Father's hand go out over the room, and from His hand came the impartation of power in blessing over the proceedings, in the form of light rays penetrating the tops of the angels' heads.  When His light touched all four of them simultaneously, they glowed, and Abba's righteous, holy, intensity saturated the room with favor!  Hallelujah!

The cherubim each lifted their right arms towards the ceiling's center, and God's light shot out from their fingertips and formed one ball of light like the ball topping a tent's center pole.  Then, over their outstretched golden arms, ministering spirits draped a covering of light like a garment surrounding all of us... a holy wash of light enclosed us like the walls of a temple, and I heard the marvelous "hum" of the Spirit's presence swirl through the room, caressing everyone.  This - or a form of this - happens every time we gather together in His Name.  How great is our God...!

We are His sanctuary in holy convocation to His praise, honor, and glory.  He values our presence in agreement with His Spirit even more than we value His.  Believe me, we are everything to Him, and there is nothing He wouldn't do to protect and ensure our ability to fellowship with Him; it's why we were created!  What kind of awesome LOVE is this, beloved? Just Who are we dealing with that we should be given access to such glory and honor and favor in the abundance and righteousness of His love? 

Exalt Him! Magnify Him! Praise Him and bless Him with favor above all things in your lives, my friends... for that's what He does towards us each and every day.

God bless you.  Amen.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, July 5, 2013

Standing in Awe: Part 2

Good day to everyone!

So many fabulous revelatory truths have been poured into my coffers over the years through the Lord's power in vision and ministry in the realm of His Spirit.  Last night He brought to my remembrance a glimpse of His powerful holy angels at work during a deliverance ministry service my pastor and I attended.

I wasn't scheduled to minister that night, but God revealed so much at work in His supernatural realms that Pastor Nancy asked me to share what I saw... things escalated from there.

It was a women's gathering and, at one point, the host led attendees in prayers relinquishing enemy strongholds, blocks, and hindrances to their emotions.  As the women obediently released various bondages to God's custody, those oppressions were manifested as deformed, miniature, baby-like demon spirits.  Their appearance as "babes" was the enemy's counterfeit of God's beautiful process of impregnation and birth.  Just as a God-given fetus is imparted to the womb and feeds off of that which its mother imbibes and eats until time of its delivery, the enemy also implants evil seed into anyone coming into agreement with qualities lending themselves to such corruption (such as unforgiveness and bitterness and offense).

As the brave women at that meeting were sincerely yielding their sins and mistakes to the Lord, those foul spirits popped out of them in different places, depending on the nature of the bondage.  Some flew out of their mouths, some out of their bellies or chests or throats or backbones... a stunning display of God's power to see enemy forces literally ejected from vessels they viewed as "safe houses", due to the critical obedience of those precious women! 

What's more, as those deformed, pint-sized entities were thrust out of the women and into the spiritual atmosphere, God allowed me to see four big angels at the front of the room carrying huge, sharp swords.  Saints, each time one of those demons flew out of a woman and into the air, as they descended they were impaled upon the angels' swords!  I kid you not, my friends... they were skewered by the angels of God like shish-kebab.

Humble Thanks

The best part for me was that, each time one of the women relinquished demonic oppression to the waiting hands of Abba's angels, the angels would say, "Thank you, child of the Most High God."  Over and over that night I heard those words in the spirit realm, at times, even overlapping in grateful rounds... "Thank you, child of the Most High God... Thank you, child of the Most High God..."  on and on to my utter delight as every woman in the house got free!

Oddly enough, I didn't find the skewering of those demons disgusting.  When their swords were full, angels lifted them to the ceiling where ministering spirits removed the dead creatures and put them into mesh-like bags for "disposal".

Under Holy Spirit's direction, the angels of our God are hard at work always.  They honor all of the Redeemed as children of the Most High God, and they are delighted to assist His work in securing our freedoms again and again.  However, nothing can be done without our obedient relinquishment of demonic strongholds.

As for me, this was yet another time where I stood in complete awe of our God's mighty accomplishments.  There is no limit to what He can do with obedient, yielded hearts.  Amen.

Pastor Sharon