Friday, August 30, 2013

Angel Checkout

The surge of Holy Spirit's presence brings settling peace to my being every time I realize God has revealed to me a glimpse of His realm.

What comes to mind this week is a shopping trip with a friend several years ago, fairly late in the evening.  The glimpse was short but sweet and very powerful in terms of its effect on me.

My pastor and I stopped briefly at a supermarket to make some quick purchases.  She went through the line with her things as I approached the conveyor belt with mine, and I remember noting the presence of what I then thought were two extremely tall (perhaps) basketball players, dressed in white tunics and black vests, in line very close behind her.

They seemed a little personally close to her, but she didn't flinch or even glance up at them and I thought that was strange also.  When she advanced in line, they advanced; in fact, when she moved, they moved but neither of them said a word or averted their concentration from her.

They each had to be about eight feet tall.  They were thin with dark hair and had no groceries of their own (though I didn't think about that until later).  She passed through the check out and was arranging her wallet as I passed through with my things and headed for the door.  As I looked back at her before exiting, I noted the absence of those "men", and I knew neither one had passed me to exit the store.

Then it dawned on me.

Holy Spirit whispered sweetly to my "knower" that the beings were actually still with her, I just couldn't see them any longer.  I'd been given a glimpse of two angels of protection escorting her that night.  I was floored and delighted and, for a while, could only shake my head as I feverishly stirred recall of their countenance and garb.

Believe me, no one was going to even approach my pastor that night to do her harm; these beings were formidable and intent on her protection in Holy Spirit.  She passed through the checkout line with ease and peace, all the while shielded to the hilt by God's powerful angels!

The best part about that, for me, is the realization that each and every one of God's children is also afforded magnetic and thorough guarding by His heavenly hosts... further evidence of His magnificent love for us.  The enemy is a frothing, bothersome dog, but he has absolutely no chance of encroaching upon those whose hearts are upright before the Lord in salvation and righteousness.  Abba heavily guards and secures us all by His power... what could be better than that?

God bless your week, friends.
Pastor Sharon

Friday, August 23, 2013

Laying New Foundations

Just prior to a radical transitioning in my life, angels of God visited me in my bedroom to remove literal planks and boards of the spiritual foundation Abba had hoped to build upon via my first marriage.

As I stood in my bedroom, I was amazed (I’m always amazed) to see an angel float easily to the sill of one of my windows and pause momentarily before stepping in.  Three more angels came after “him”, and they literally reached down to the ethereal floor and began pulling up planks and boards from it.  In my heart, I asked Holy Spirit what was going on, and He let me know they were pulling up the former foundations set by Abba for my previous marriage, which had failed.
After they passed the boards through in bucket-brigade fashion, each of the beings exited the same window they’d entered.  As the last of them stepped upon the sill to float away, “he” paused a moment and looked back at me.  My spirit received his sentiment though he never actually spoke a word.  The sorrow he felt at not being able to watch over Abba’s edicts concerning my first marriage was conveyed to me... and then he departed as silently as he’d arrived.
Literally minutes afterward, a single angel bearing the appearance of a young boy entered through the same window and shook his head a little, as if airing out his short, fluffy hair.  Though he appeared to be no more than an adolescent, Holy Spirit immediately told me this was a powerful, experienced angel and no novice.  His child-like appearance was reflective of his heart's humility towards Abba.  (In the family of God in Heaven, appearance literally reflects character - I've been shown this truth numerous times.) He’d been assigned to the next phase of my life, which I hadn’t entered at that time and wouldn’t begin for about six months.
When the time of new beginnings with a man came later that year, astonishment filled the air with every breath I took in recalling that night's events.
God is amazing.
Friends, the Lord prepares and establishes literal foundations in the spirit to undergird His edicts over our lives.  Whether or not we come into the obedience required for His plans to take flight is solely and completely up to us.  Where staunch unbelief and disobedience takes the place of God’s plans, we will not be established.  That is not Abba’s fault.  Disobedience accomplishes its own ruination; that’s why Hell is so full.
But for obedient ones who are adversely affected by the unrighteous decisions of others, there is a new way offered by the Father, and a new plan put in place with new boards and planks of His greater foundations, rewarding us for the wait imposed upon us by others’ unwise choices.  God is gracious, and He replaces the heartache endured by faithful saints with double portions of JOY.  His blessing always outweighs our suffering because He is the Faithful, Righteous Judge, and His mercy endures forever.
I praise Him, as always, for granting me a glimpse into His spotless efforts on our behalf.
Pastor Sharon

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sleeping in God's Safety

One night I got up to use the bathroom and glanced back at the bed before opening the bedroom door.  When I did, in the spirit realm my eyes were opened and I beheld one of God's winged, angelic beings bent over the place where I slept.  One of its wings was lifted into the air and the other was laid out flat on the bed.  I realized God was showing me that I had been sleeping literally enclosed by the wings of this angelic being!

God is our only "Protector", certainly, but He uses the angels mightily to accomplish much of His work in protection of us.  He can use a donkey in the case of the prophet Balaam being protected from death, He can deliver us from prison shackles with the force of the elements as He did for Paul and Silas, and He can grant us angelic escort from bonds as He did in freeing Peter.  Indeed, our Father is all powerful and His heavenly hosts gladly and purely do His bidding with happy hearts.

Since that angel had been bent at the waist, protectively embracing me through the night, I asked Holy Spirit if such a position fatigued the being.  The Lord knows and understands our often two-dimensional perceptions, and He did not fault me for asking such an ignorant (meaning uninformed, not stupid) question.  Lovingly, He explained to me that since Abba's angels are "light beings" and not of flesh, there is nothing of human fatigue involved in their existence and operatives.  They enjoy "restoration" but do not require the kind of rest known by humanity because our kind of fatigue, deterioration, and need for healing is largely sin-based.  Angels don't have the sin principle operating within them they way we humans do.

Once Holy Spirit delineated those truths to my mind, I readily understood them.  I realize the Lord opened up my understanding so that I could receive such truths, and I'm grateful for it.  I also think it's really cool.

I believe the main point of the glimpse I was granted is God's desire that we know how treasured, protected, and blessed we are by His power.  Awesome beings of strength, obedience, and benevolence guard our way at His behest, every day.  We are of tremendous value and worth to Him, beloved.  He takes our protection seriously.

We are swaddled by His power and watched over meticulously by Holy Spirit and His angelic hosts, at all times.  Even the hours of our sleep are singularly blessed.

"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." (Psalm 4:8)

Grateful for His eternal love of us,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, August 9, 2013

Giftings & Designations - What's the Difference?

Hello, all!

This week I'm sharing about the "Seer" designation and gifting - two different things - just as thoughts came to me on a noisy, trafficky, rainy afternoon.  Please pardon the background noises, and I pray you are blessed by the truths honestly presented here.  I just let the camera go and sat in front of it.  Until we meet next week, God bless you.


Love in Christ,
Pastor Sharon

Friday, August 2, 2013

Stunned by An Angel

Good day, everyone...

This week's post of Beyond the Veil is on video!  Please join me for about 8 minutes as I relate a pretty amusing encounter I had several years ago with an angel assigned to my pastor's new home.  God bless your weekend and, Lord willing, we'll see you here next week for another post of "Beyond the Veil..."

Stunned by An Angel - for 8/2/2013 BTV by shammaG2

Love in Christ,
Pastor Sharon