Friday, September 27, 2013

"His Love Endures Forever"

The most intimate inspection of our lives can be accomplished in nanoseconds by our God.

This week I'm sharing an intimate discovery He caused me to make during the season of Yom Kippur about five years ago, which communicated in stunning detail the Father's desires to know each life up close and personally, from our perspective.  Here's the story:

In a vision during worship (btw, they're almost always during worship), I was taken to the ethereal mist surrounding God's Throne.  As I approached, and entered, and drew near the place, I saw Abba sitting, bent forward a bit and holding a tiny gold book in His hands.  The book was open and, with His right thumb, Abba scanned its writings.  Holy Spirit caused me to view quite closely as the Lord's thumb went over the words on the page, from top to bottom, and a circle of light surrounded His perfectly formed thumb, illuminating the words on each line in the text.  God is marvelous.

As I beheld His careful inspection, as always, Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me what was actually going on.  "He's reviewing a life," He said.  "Your life over the past year.  He carefully inspects every life that way."  Then Holy Spirit caused me to see bigger books put away on the shelves and archives of Heaven, and He said, "Those books are for the whole of life, but these books (the little books) are for the year.  Abba carefully looks at each one, every year, at this time."

Friends, I give you my solemn word, at the time I received that vision in September several years ago, I knew nothing about the review process the Lord undergoes of every life and its right standing with Him for the season of Yom Kippur.  I found that out, later, and I was stunned beyond speaking at what I realized the Lord had graciously, intimately, revealed to me.  The intensely personal element of it all is what met my emotions best, with the deep, deep love the Father has for each of us, and His extreme involvement in every detail of our lives - especially those of us who belong to Him through faith in Christ Jesus.

Saints, our every desire for intimate love and the true knowing that accompanies it has been met completely in the Godhead.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit know us completely and want to know us more intimately than we could ever imagine being known.  They want to be involved in every detail and iota - every jot and tittle of our lives - every thought, opinion, imagination, and desire of our being interests Them entirely... we were created to love Them in the truest, most personal way possible. 

"But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him." (1 Cor. 6:17)

God sincerely desires it, but that level of relationship requires our permission and agreement; the Lord will not plumb our depths without it - we must knowingly and willingly align with His will.

Do you know how many souls He has created since the beginning?  How many zillions of souls in the circle of life on the earth from then until now?  I don't, either... the number is too vast for imagining... and yet, His concern, His inspection - His intimate inspection - is given to every single one as they live upon the earth, as they die, and as they dwell with Him in Heaven for all eternity.  Our God never misses a thing of any detail of His children's lives, ever.  For those of us yet dwelling on earth, the time of that intimacy in the careful review and inspection of our lives comes every year during the seasons of Rosh Hashanah (the New Year), Sukkot (remembering His provision in kindness), and finally Yom Kippur (atonement).  These seasons and their feasts are literally part of the Lord's heart.  They are remembered by Him every year, and are to be marked by us forever as an ordinance from the Lord.  With my own spirit eyes I have seen it, beloved...

We are greatly, intimately, and forever LOVED by Him!  Amen.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, September 20, 2013

"With God, All Things Are Possible"

Hi, friends...

The vision I'm sharing with you this week is VERY special to me.  It comes straight out of my Book of Visions II and proves that, with God, all things are possible.  I pray it blesses all of you.

God’s Vision to me:

            While lying on my living room floor in worship, I asked the Lord to please “take me some place” in His realm, and He said to me, “you’re already there.”

I had been crying and expressing my love for Him, so I reached up with both hands to wipe the tears from my face.  When I lowered my hands, I realized I was washing in a stream!  The stream was actually near the shore of a river.  The river’s waters were so clear I could see its bed was slate-gray stone laced with gold.  Though refreshing and cold, the water didn’t make me cold and there was nothing uncomfortable or shocking about it.  It coated my face like oil before soaking in.

                While on my knees, I continued washing until a man stepped up beside me shining in yellow-gold garments.  He grasped my right hand and stood me up softly into His gentle embrace.  A moment later I realized somehow the man had become another person hugging me.  However, when I looked up from the embrace no one was hugging me anymore, but a woman was crossing the river shallows and drawing nearer to me.  Her hair shone in dark, long curls.  She was clad in a beautifully woven, floor-length, fine-linen dress wrapping femininely, yet modestly, around her lovely, healthy, life-filled body.  As she stepped over to me, I held out both hands instinctively to help her.  Then I recognized her shining, vibrant, smiling face:  It was my mother!!!  Young again, beautiful again . . . more marvelously beautiful than I had ever seen her and radiating with JOY . . . it literally shimmered upon on her and glinted off of her.

Realizing who she was, I lunged toward her and ardently clutched her into my arms! I pressed her to my chest with an elation I thought was lost forever when she died.  I held her closer than I had anyone since her departure and exclaimed my utter delight at seeing her.  She returned my hug eagerly and sincerely, and her breast imparted an extraordinarily deep healing of love and satisfaction directly to my heart.  I could literally feel the concentrated heat of her love’s comfort and reassurance mark my breast like a newly-minted coin, burning and pulsating with such profound joy at our reunion that all I could do was breathe in the warmth of that long-awaited, relished embrace.

                While holding me she said, “Do all that He tells you to do, and you’ll love it.”  Then she put her mouth closer to my ear and said, “And remember that I love you.”  I answered, “I love you, too, Ma.”  The impartation eased.

As she crossed back over the river, I noticed that its polished, slate-gray and gold bed sloped upward slightly out of the water like fingers onto the ultra-green grass of a park spooning its banks.  She turned to me again while walking and said with a smile and uplifted voice, “Just keep holding on to His hand!”

She was happy.  She was Joyous and Hopeful and because of GOD’S STRENGTH, I could let her go in the same spirit of Joy.  Amen.
(Excerpted from Book of Visions II. Copyright © 2009, by Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)
Pastor Sharon

Friday, September 13, 2013

Laughter Does It Again

"A merry heart does good like a medicine,
 but a broken spirit dries the bones." (Proverbs 17:22)

One day I was very irritated at someone or something, and God used laughter to break it off of me.  In a mass of self-talk and agitation I stormed over to my couch and flung myself down... suddenly, above me I heard a loud POP! and my head began to sting.

In moments, God opened my spirit eyes to angels standing nearby, bowed back in laughter!

I'd placed my flip-top cell phone on the back of the couch, and when I collapsed there having my "hissy fit", the phone slid off the headrest and popped me right in the head!

Seeing the angels in hilarity, and recognizing my silly state, I couldn't help but laugh with them...  almost instantly afterward, I realized the anger was gone!

God's humility and strength in laughter is a marvelous way to unload the grappling hook of anger and all of its irritations, thereby ultimately robbing the enemy of any opportunity to steal our JOY...

Daddy is awesome!

God has encouraged my family in Christ many times to literally "laugh" our way to deliverance and healing.  All we have to do is yield our emotions to Him, and He will secure us in JOY.  Thankfully, that day I chose to yield to His desires... and I'm glad.

What will you choose?

Pastor Sharon

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Miraculous Power of Embrace

Hi, all!

Many of us have had or heard of the glorious experience of being "slain" under the rapturous power of Holy Spirit.  This week I'm throwing my story into the mix because it happened to a dear friend of our fellowship during a ministry trip to Philadelphia, Pa.

"Miss Margaret", as we love to call her, specializes in giving folks anointed, healing hugs.  I mean it, friends; the impartation of love and peace in her embrace is no short of miraculous, and I've literally stood in line to receive it.

On this particular ministry outing, the team had witnessed, prayed, and prophesied over a room full of precious lives and were actually then on the receiving end of some ministry from the host fellowship.  The Pastor of the host group is a gentle giant we all respect and love; he, too, is a powerful "hugger".  Well, I distinctly recall the occasion of Miss Margaret approaching him for one of his restorative hugs; my twin sister Lynette was standing beside me, watching.

As the Pastor prayed for Miss Margaret, the two began slowly rocking back and forth a little as the power of God increased in impartation.  The holy "heat" of God's Spirit warmed and encouraged us all, and we also prayed a bit.  The Pastor's voice got louder and so did the heat of the Spirit as he hugged Miss Margaret; then, suddenly, the fire of God was thrust out of the Pastor's mouth and out of his spirit, directly into Margaret's spirit-man.  But that's not all... as she began to fall backward, Lynette and I saw the top portion of her body literally lifted up into the air, then laid out slowly, softly, and easily by ministering spirits, in complete defiance of gravity!

It was absolutely amazing... she left that Pastor's powerful embrace and literally "floated" in the air before being gently and slowly set down by the angels, right before our eyes!  Lynette and I could only stare at her - then at each other - utterly astonished at such a tangible manifestation of God's operatives.

We still chuckle and mention that occurrence to Miss Margaret now and then as we see her.  Miss Margaret is a marvelous, gentle giver... and the Lord repaid the goodness of her selfless heart by overtaking her entire being with His essence and grace.  Indeed, those who give, get.  She stayed on the floor for quite a while that day, drinking in all the goodness and mercy conferred upon her by Holy Spirit through that awesome Pastor's potent embrace.


Pastor Sharon