Friday, October 25, 2013

Loving Condescension (A Daddy's Girl reblog)

[This week's post is a reblog from "Daddy's Girl" - the blog that started it all.  "Beyond the Veil" is a God-ordained offspring of that blog, focusing on the supernatural aspects of our walk with Abba.  This post contains an integral thread of the supernatural God asked that I share with BTV readers. I love every opportunity to intertwine the message of God's blogs to further convey His character of love and power to the Body of Christ.  Enjoy!]

"Loving Condescension"
(DG, 2-26-13)

I love contemplating Daddy's power.  The truth of its magnificence absolutely floors me. The gift of discerning of spirits further promotes my awe but, really, all anyone needs is an earnest love for Him and a properly-functioning mind to be utterly dazzled.

Believe it or not, I think what awes me most about God's power is how unassuming He is about it.  For one thing, pride is not in His nature; but another solid point I see is, when you have it all (and I mean all), why flaunt it?

God delights in loving condescension.  Good thing He does, too, because there's nothing and no one greater than Him so, in everything except His communion with the Godhead, He must condescend.  He told me once that "loving" condescension never stoops to make one feel 'low', but reaches down to 'bring one up'.  I think that's marvelous.  I'm grateful He feels that way.  Loving condescension; God wears it well.

I recall being at a conference with my Pastor one summer where, during service, folks really began jumping and shouting and dancing and screaming in joy... one woman just jumped up and down in place, shaking her head feverishly from side to side like she was on fire.  She was.  In the spirit realm, she looked like a deer leaping in place.  My Pastor became a spiritual whirlwind right beside me and I felt and saw the heat and supernatural activity in that place like rarely before... something VERY special was happening.

Then very slowly, like a transition of movie scenes, Holy Spirit revealed to me a glimpse of Daddy on His Throne and, suddenly, it became completely clear why the room had burst into such spiritual flames.  Holy Spirit showed me the form of Abba's beautiful head amid staggering white light, and within that light His head turned slowly, and He intently fixed His eyes on the group of us worshiping.

[Paraphrasing] - Your diligence and loyalty in worship and praise has caught the Father's special attention, Holy Spirit indicated.  Saints, just from the focus of God's glorious head and eyes upon this gathering, the wind of the Spirit's holy manifestations went wild in that place! Talk about the power of His gaze!  Whewwee!  See what I mean?  HALLELUJAH!

God looks - the earth and everything in it changes!  We entered into supernatural spontaneous combustion in that place just because the Holy Heavenly Father's specific attentions turned to us... our hearts got His notice in particular, such that He actually turned to look at us.  Now, did He need to turn to look in order to see us?  Of course not.  He allowed the vision to be conveyed that way to emphasize His heart being pierced by our  worship and total agreement in that place.  Abba always appreciates that.

Daddy loves the undivided attention of His kids, and we were giving it to Him in one accord. Amen. Remember another fantastic thing that happened when a group of God's children were "all with one accord in one place"?  Sure you do:
"When the Day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  And suddenly there came a sound from Heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.  Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them.  And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance." (Acts 2:1-4)
Unity and agreement are paramount to experiencing the mighty power of God's presence. Amen, and that blows us away!  It seems the power of God is most greatly evoked by His love for His creation and their loving response.  God is a good God, indeed. He is THE all-powerful, overflowing well of substance for the entire cosmos, and yet He thinks nothing  lowly of sitting on creaky, wooden steps beside a child joyfully playing Jacks.  (Remember Ball and Jacks?)

He did not think Himself too lofty literally to be born among animals and placed in a manger. Nothing about Him was too exalted to touch and heal lepers crying for His help, or to stand still to recognize a woman who'd finally stopped bleeding uncontrollably, because His virtue touched her faith.  God's loving condescension... that's power, y'all.  Hallelujah!

That's our God!

Worshiping Him in total awe,
Pastor Sharon

(Lord willing, the next post of this blog will be on Friday, Nov.  8.)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Angelic Praise & Worship

Hi, all...

Earlier today I was thinking about this post, and God put it on my heart to share with you a glimpse He gave me of His powerful angels worshiping Him.  It brought specifically to mind the line from the revered hymn, "Holy, Holy, Holy":

"Cherubim and Seraphim falling down before Thee,
Which wert and art and evermore shalt be."
(Reginald Heber, 1783 - 1826)

Friends, in the Spirit, I saw a portion of what really happens when these mighty angels approach The Living God, and I was changed by the power of it.

First of all, the angels of God - from (seemingly) smallest to greatest - absolutely adore His Holy Name.  Though not in the "Family of Christ", they all are in the Family of God as His created and cherished beings.  Make no mistake, beloved - Abba loves them fathomlessly and highly regards their loyalty, devotion, and obedience to His heart and Throne.  For, like us, they are not forced to serve Him... they've chosen to out of unspeakable JOY and love streaming constantly from Abba's very loins.  Angels are a humble, joyous, powerful, and dedicated folk.

When I literally saw the two designations of these creatures - Cherubim and Seraphim - worshiping God, I was stunned... flabbergasted, really.  They approached Him reverently and worshipfully, with heads bowed and arms raised until they drew closest to His Throne.  Then, almost without warning, I saw them collapse like felled oak trees  - BOOM! Right at His feet.  One by one, these stupendously huge and powerful beings dropped willingly and lovingly at the feet of Abba like helpless, fawning, little babies; and the "mist" of Heaven surrounding them rushed up in curls over their backs, covering them in His fragrant essence and protection.

The sight was incomparably wonderful and positively life changing to behold.

That they "surrendered" all control of their hearts and their bodies to saturating exaltation was what thrilled me most.  These awesomely mighty angels are the guardians and worshipers dwelling at the very Throne of Almighty God and, yet, in burning adulation they humbled themselves to the greatest degree and became as nothing before Him, collapsing at His feet in FULL acknowledgement and limitless gratitude and appreciation of His Greatness and Power; His all-consuming, unending Majesty and Strength!

HALLELUJAH!  Oh, Saints, tell me - WHO is like our God?!  Our God IS God, and there is NONE like Him!  The Lord our God is greater than all, and His Holy angels know it and acknowledge it, relish and regard it before every creature in His universe.  They are completely unashamed to give Him Glory - ALL GLORY - honor, dominion, and praise!

I was indelibly blessed to behold it, and I urge you, in worship, to do the same.  Collapse before the Lord in all of your heart, mind, will, and emotions!  Give your ALL to Him each day in worship, and dedicate your life to Him in praise, honor, and Glory.  The mightiest of His angels know they are but children in His sight... and they humbly bless, magnify, and lovingly submit to every desire, pulse of thought, and wish flowing from His marvelous being.  Many lessons can be learned from these "beings of light" which fall faithfully and regularly before God's Throne.

I lovingly urge you to fall before Him with all of your heart and life, today.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, October 4, 2013

What's it like...?

Friends, please indulge me as I share my heart with you this week in adoration of God.

So Tell Me - What's It Really Like?

Sometimes I'm dancing and praising for several minutes before I realize I've been taken to a higher place; a different realm "in Him".  The Lord revealed to me that all the existence and worship of Heaven actually takes place within His own body, literally.  That's why, in the New Jerusalem, no "temple" is seen because, as scripture declares, "... the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of it."  (Rev. 21:22)  Amen.

I sense that many of you reading this right now have had similar experiences worshiping God and being taken in the Spirit to a different place in the atmosphere, in the heavenlies, in His realm while you worship.  It's like closing your eyes in a (seemingly) empty room and then opening them, amid your adulation, to the sight of overwhelming crowds of people, elements, and hosts of Heaven gathered all around you, worshiping Yahweh along with you, singing praise to His Glory and Honor.  Heaven is in that place, suddenly and magnificently filling all your spirit with PRAISE unto Almighty God!  What an awesome transformation!

Other times I can feel Holy Spirit literally approach me, wave His robes over me, and cloak me in Righteousness and Praise when He's calling me "in" to intimacy with Abba.  Ever feel like that?  I get a very strong sense as I write that I'm talking to many people who know exactly what I mean.  God has "much people" in this city (wherever you are) and in all the cities of the world, Saints.  Christians - true children of the Living God - are everywhere, so be encouraged you are never alone in any regard.

Being transitioned in visual encounter and experience with the Lord, for me, is always a spontaneous thing.  The Lord simply asks me if I will come into His Presence, then HE does the rest - not me - and I am enthralled at every move His Spirit makes.  Every place He shows me or takes me contains intimate revelation of His Heart toward His beloved.  I think that is true, especially in my case, because that is the beat of my heart toward Him.  He has given me that desire.  I desire "to know Him" in the beauty of holiness; that's no joke or cliché, friends.  I want to look under all the rugs of Glory and open all the Doors of Heaven (beginning with Christ) that Abba will allow me to open.  I am (and always have been) intensely curious about Him, and He delights in it.

He is exceedingly blessed by the loving, worshipful desire of all of His children, and He LOVES honest, sincere questions from us about the things of Him and His Spirit.

And What About...?

Being exposed to the Presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for me is like being cinched to my soul's true belonging... like finding and reattaching a long-lost appendage and exploring new abilities and realms with it.  Intimate fellowship with the Godhead, for me, is like opening a door previously locked and discovering all new levels of reality and blessing behind it.

The Spirit flows over me like sunshine emerging from clouds... like a velvety summer breeze... and I am changed.  In an instant, or a "moment", just like the scripture says, I am moved from one place to another.  I'm surrounded with peace and quiet, yet also with vibrant ecstasy in motion and life beyond any earthly ability to explain.  No voids exist in Him, only Breath and Life eternal; only complete transformation in thought and utility and ability in situation beyond all comprehension of the flesh.  It's like being clothed in all your inheritance of purity and light after an existence of only darkness and depravity.  God literally clothes you in Righteousness in His Presence, and His Truth and Loving Kindness and PRAISE washes you with fragrant, pure oils of refreshing and effervescent JOY to seal you in His Goodness.  Hallelujah!

You aren't the same after you've been with Him.  You never can be... and all Glory to His Precious, Praise-worthy, Wonderful Name!

Pastor Sharon