Friday, December 27, 2013

A Hug in Answer to Prayer

Hello, all!

To wrap up the year I've been led to share one of the coolest encounters with God I've ever had.  It was the result of diligently asking the Father if there was any way at all He could reveal Himself to me in a  manner allowing me to truly "hug" Him.  Yeah, I know - what a request!  But it was made with a heart knowing our God can do anything, and also with a heart knowing His heart for me.  My very desire to have such an experience was birthed by Him and, in this stunning encounter, He came as close as He possibly could to fulfilling it for me despite my connections to the flesh.

Did He hug my flesh?  ABSOLUTELY NOT - it would have vaporized me.  In cases like these, He must deal only with our spirit man; but because of my needing to return to a fleshly body, there was only so much He could do and so far He could go with me in this meeting.  Believe me, my friends, I gratefully accepted and received it all!

When Jesus says, "Ask, and you shall receive..." He isn't kidding!  I pray you enjoy and are singularly blessed by this encounter in vision.  Amen.

God's Vision to me of:
"The Heart of Abba"
July 5, 2007

The Lord told me He wanted to take me someplace and, when I laid down to worship, I saw Him reach His hands into my palms, down through my forearms to my elbows to 'draw out' my spirit man.  My palms had been radiating in hot-pink light before that.  Each time I lifted my hands to God, I saw the powerful, holy, pink glow around them.

I was worshiping the Lord in my bedroom and, suddenly, we were running through a huge field of waist-high, white flowers at what looked like sunset.  Jesus was wearing a light white, wispy, translucent robe that gathered around His waist.

I ran ahead of Him a little and flew into a forward flip amid the flowers.  The atmosphere was joyful and the sky burned in striking colors.  After the playful flip, I ran back into the Lord's arms and kissed Him lovingly.  He embraced me and we both turned to see Abba on the horizon before us.  His head and flowing hair were illuminated and filled the inner atmosphere of field and flowers.  (Holy Spirit told me Abba's flowing hair was indicative of intimacy and His total knowing of us.)

Through 'kissing' Christ, I had stepped further into a realm of intimacy with the Father.  Abba's head looked like the sun fully illuminated, and His hair flowed out from it like a river, in multiple colors.

Then, out of the brilliance of that image, He walked!  Yes, Abba walked out of the light of His own image and power through the field of waist-high flowers, toward us.  He wore a pale orange gown (which later appeared peach) as He walked slowly toward me.  Holy Spirit illumined the atmosphere and Abba glowed in the refining fire emanating from His being.

Jesus stood to my right and, when I realized it was Abba walking toward me, I dashed into His arms, not wanting to lose an instant of this thrilling opportunity!  Abba enveloped me.  Though we were secure in our embrace, I could see His Face as He held me - He cried tears of JOY.  Even as He embraced me, I could see His eyes.  I saw the well of His tears cupping those gorgeous emerald-green eyes, and I knew it was the face and hands and arms of My Beloved Father embracing me by His power (just as I had prayed)!

Then, as His embrace grew stronger, I felt His heart surround me and permeate me with fire.  Suddenly, I wasn't flesh anymore - I became Light!  My entire body changed into yellow beams and streaks of light, right in His arms!

Completely in the Spirit as a spirit, I went directly to Abba's Throne, upon which He was no longer a man in appearance, but El Shaddai - The Double-Breasted One; One Who Binds Himself with an Oath.

The brightness around His Throne was so intense, even my spirit man could barely see Him.  All was light, but through that light I saw Him crowned and glorious, as Total Source and Supply, and in Royal, flowing robes that looked like rivers of ivory and vanilla and pearl - beaming and radiating power over His entire Being like translucent, shimmering, chiffon. I knelt to put my head on His lap and saw a river of mint-green girding His hips and upper thighs.  I splashed my head into it and was healed... cleansed of all ailment.

The Benevolent Humility of Abba is astounding, as I heard Him say, "That is the best I can do for you now, beloved, while you are still connected to the flesh and must continue your assignment..."

Then, through Holy Spirit, I heard Him add, "but there will come a day... when you will not die, when nothing tied to you will die... when ALL will be Life.  Then I will never let go, beloved, and your course will be as Mine; your flow will be as My Flow, with no beginning or end.  I promise."


Pastor Sharon

Friday, December 13, 2013

Use Your Authority!

A couple summers ago, my twin sister Lynette and I vacationed in the gorgeous state of Maine and went whale watching.  Years before we met, she'd had the thrilling experience herself off Cape Cod and wanted to give me the opportunity to see the marvelous creatures up close.

I was all for it.

The first time we headed out, we saw no whales but enjoyed the beautiful ocean 20 miles from shore.  Admittedly, I am not what you'd call a guppy; swimming and I are only mild acquaintances.  However, I've always been a fan of wildlife (mostly on television), and the Lord's hand in creation has riveted me since the days of Marlin Perkins on Wild Kingdom.

Thankfully, the awesome sponsors of the trip gave free passes to all attendants, providing a second opportunity to spy the denizens of the deep... so about two days later, we tried again.

We trudged out hopefully on the ocean schooner, all smiles and expectations, and sight seeing... until we again hit the 20-mile "sweet spot" for sightings.  About 10 minutes passed - then another 15 - then another 10... and nothing... no whales, yet again.

Lynette was so cute, y'all.  She wanted so much for me to have this opportunity of a lifetime and, when it wasn't happening, she slowly approached me on deck and said, softly, "honey, do you think we're going to see any whales this time?"  She looked about two years old.

The Power of Prayer

My heart went out to her fading expectation, and Holy Spirit put it on my mind to pray.  Saints, He actually spoke this to my spirit,

"Use your authority in Christ, beloved.  In the Name of Jesus, command that all the whales and wildlife in this region surface immediately for your entertainment and enjoyment.  And then, believe that Abba can do this, and I will bless you."

On my honor, that's what He said to me - and that's what I prayed.  I didn't say anything to Lynette, I just repeated His words with a heart of obedience and authority, and left the results to Him.  About 10 more minutes passed.  Then, suddenly...

"SPOUT, OFF THE PORT BOW, ladies and gentlemen!" was the cry that came from our skippers.  And immediately after that first call we heard, "SECOND SPOUT SPOTTED, ladies and gentlemen!"  They powered up ship's engines nice and loud, and we were on our way, targeting those surging, rising and falling blow holes that had suddenly emerged!


Brothers and Sisters, two varieties of whales and a school of dolphins had emerged from the deep waters to toggle brightly before us, just as the Lord had commanded through His Authority in me!  WHAT A TREAT!

A pair of Humpback whales circled our cruiser continually for about 30 minutes, diving and doing the beautiful "tail thing" everyone talks about!  They dove and resurfaced, immediately, twice (which I'm told is rare).  When they weren't diving, they were circling so close to the boat we could've touched them!  In fact, another schooner in the area moved over to our cruiser because all the wildlife was surrounding us!  It was FANTASTIC!  Truly an experience I will never forget!

"It doesn't get any better than this, ladies and gentlemen!" was the gleeful comment of our hosts.  Imagine the utter satisfaction in our bosoms as we knew and savored the truth of why we'd had such a successful, miraculous time... it was because WE USED OUR AUTHORITY IN CHRIST!

Hey, heyyyy!  GLORY! 

Dear ones in Jesus, you should try it sometime!   :0)

God bless all of you.
Pastor Sharon