Friday, January 17, 2014

A Healing Dance

Hello, everyone!

This post puts me in mind of Valentine's Day and, since it's the next cool holiday on the horizon, I'm very grateful to God for leading me to it from my journals of our encounters.  It's a tender, loving experience I had with Jesus in my home back in 2009, which left me changed and blessed forever.

I pray you allow His love, as our Eternal Bridegroom, to sink deep into your souls and spirits as you read.  Amen.

God's Vision to me:

This night during worship, from the midst of a waterfall in a portal in my bedroom stepped the Lord Jesus, wearing restorative garments (mint-green and white).  He immediately took my spirit man into His arms for a dance; the dance turned into what it always does between us - a HEALING embrace.

I stood there, holding Him about the waist, and His garments changed color as He held me and let me squeeze Him desperately, burying my head into His chest and deeply inhaling Him.  We swayed sometimes, we stood still at other times, but always we embraced, and I wept as He held me.  I felt the width of His shoulders increase as He absorbed my burdens; Holy Spirit told me Jesus was taking them onto Himself as I lifted them to Him through my embrace.

He held me for a long time with His garments changing color as His love and healing of me continued.  As He released me, I saw a white tunic and gorgeous, multi-colored coat upon Him.  (While He held me, I was positioned between Him and Abba.  I felt Abba's gentle eyes sanctioning our every move.)

Before leaving, Jesus walked around me to my right, moved my hair to one side, and tenderly kissed the back of my neck at the top of my spine.

"Peace to your will," He said to me. "(My) Peace and strength to your will and to your backbone."  And I saw the ability to endure and obey being imparted to my life as vital supplies being loaded onto a ship.

He lifted me up with Him onto Heaven's breeze, and I became overwhelmed again with His Presence and with tears.

God bless you all.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, January 3, 2014

Angelic Assistance

Ministering spirits will help us with certain things, given Abba's permission.  Years ago, I learned from a wonderful brother in Christ that God's angels will render supernatural "assistance" to us in areas of lifting and lugging and stabilizing heavy or awkward objects.  Now, when I say "assistance", that's exactly what I mean; I'm not saying angels will lift or transport things for us that we can normally lift or transport.  Generally, stuff we can do on our own the angels will not do for us.  But I've learned over the years that, when I need to lug or lift something that's too heavy or awkward for me, Abba will often allow "angelic assistance" to make ends meet and get the job done.  I kid you not.  (Please note that I ask God for the assistance - I do not ask the angels - and it is up to Abba whether or not they can respond.)

Years ago, when I purchased a new bed, it came in a large, long, cardboard box that was heavier than I could manage in spots as I tried to push it up a flight-and-a-half of stairs.  The longest flight ended at a landing and curved further up a shorter flight to the next floor.  I did okay pushing the box up the first flight but, turning that corner at the landing and pushing through to the stair-top was pretty daunting... so I asked the Lord, earnestly, for some angelic assistance.  Friends, I declare to you in Christ's name that, when I gave the box another shove, it turned that landing corner and bounced up the second set of (about five) stairs quicker than I could say Praise the Lord!  I was relieved, then astonished, then amazed.  Most of all, though, I was thankful.  I've been asking God for the help of ministering spirits ever since!  By His power, they fill in the gaps very faithfully where my flesh fails.

Did you know that was possible, friends?  Until several years ago, I didn't.  God's word says we have not because we ask not.  I'm thrilled I was advised to ask.  I encourage you all to step out in faith and give it a try!  God bless you.

Pastor Sharon