Friday, February 28, 2014

More on the Seer

Hi, everyone!

Due to the huge amount of views received on my August vlog post regarding Seer Giftings & Designations, this week I'm talking more about it and welcoming questions and (constructive) comments from readers.

This post is pretty much introductory regarding my personal thoughts on the Seer "gifting".  God willing, future posts will go into a little more depth and also address the designation portion.  Thanks so much for your many visits regarding this topic (more than 200) and please look for further video posts here at Beyond the Veil.  God bless and enjoy the vlog!

More on the Seer 2-28-14 by shammaG2

Friday, February 21, 2014

Merciful God

Hello, all!
This week's vision speaks for itself.  I believe any further introduction from me would diminish its impact on your souls.  God bless you and keep you as you read.  Amen.
God's Vision to me of:

I was alone with the Godhead - again with the Father enthroned to my left, Lord Jesus in front of me, and Holy Spirit lining the floor of Heaven.

The Lord was clad in white and reached out His hand to me.  Holy Spirit was manifested this time in beautiful, giant (cantaloupe-sized) faceted rubies in the atmosphere below us.

I saw Abba's Royal Key - a large Golden Key which emerged from His left pelvic bone.  While it was outside His body, it was attached to a golden loop-chain worn around His waist.  Abba's garments were splendidly ethereal, appearing light teal.

I asked God why the key was part of His pelvic bone, and He said, "the 'Covenant' part of Me."  I remembered that once He also told me His thighs were the covenant part of Him.  He answered my thoughts:  "My thighs are directly connected to My pelvic bones, which house My Loins.  My Covenant with My Beloved concerning intimacy has its Key in My pelvis, just as one entering into a house cannot do so without first opening the door.  The intimacy of My Loins is housed by My bones, in covenant attachment to My Blood."

(When God said this, I thought about the human body and how blood is produced in the marrow of our bones.)

"Warmth cannot be entered into without permission, beloved.  In My Hand is the Key to your intimacy with Me.  In My Hand is My permission to unlock all that you desire for closeness with the Godhead - for oneness (unity) with the Godhead.  I give it to you."

Before anything else happened, my attention was brought to the bejeweled 'floor'.  Rubies in huge, red, faceted orbs which glinted in the all-encompassing light of the Godhead's domain began to liquefy into a stream, then a river of red at my feet.  I realized it was blood.  The Father asked Holy Spirit to show me this.

"I look down on the earth through a blanket of blood, that I might show Mercy," Abba said.  "That I might be merciful to the earth, I look down on its inhabitants through My Son's Blood... through a blanket of Blood."

Then He entreated me, "Yield your lungs to My Blood, that you might 'breathe in' My Mercy."  I put my hands up and said, "I yield!"  Then Jesus took my hands in His, lifted me to my feet, and twirled me about the floor.  Then He lifted me (like a ballerina) and 'dipped' me head-long into the blood until I was covered in it, head-to-toe.  Blood ran down every part of me - into my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth - I was soaked and saturated in it, and in His Mercy.

I heard the Lord say, "Thank you, beloved - thank you."  And the vision ended.

(Copyright © 2008; excerpted from the personal journals of Sharon J. Gramling)

Pastor Sharon

Friday, February 7, 2014

His Shield is Real


I was searching through my journals under Holy Spirit's guidance, and He led me to the brief record of vision I'm posting this week.  It's cool that He has pointed out this vision to me to share with all of you, because it corresponds perfectly to a recent post of Daddy's Girl called, "Let GOD Be Your Shield".  Nobody does it like Jesus, y'all.

Abba is not a man that He should lie, and the enemy hates it when any child of God stretches out in faith on God's word over their life... our Father's power is tremendously feared throughout the barren caverns of hell.

Please enjoy, and be encouraged to know that - as God's children - our prayers are heard, registered, and acted upon immediately in the heavenlies.  As God says, "Ask, and you shall receive"!  Amen.

Vision of God's

This morning I saw the rainbow-colored "shield of protection" put over me by the Lord upon my calling it forth in prayer the night before.  It arched over my bed on the ceiling of my bedroom - part way in rainbow colors I saw of it - yellows, reds, oranges, and blues as I prayed and worshiped and sang during intimate time with God.

Holy Spirit identified what I saw as the shield of protection I had called forth over me in prayer, and He said that when God's beloved call it forth, it comes... and it is 'over us' all night.  Amen.
(Copyright © 2010. Excerpted from the personal journals of Sharon J. Gramling.)

Pastor Sharon