Friday, April 25, 2014

Hugged by "Truth"

Hello, friends...

This week's encounter is taken from Book of Visions I and reminds me of the quiet closeness shared by God and I... especially between Jesus and I.  It took me a while to accept Christ as my Divine Husband because I had so many issues with males in general.  Hurts and wounding will separate us from God, but nothing ever separates His love from us or the loving pursuit of His heart to deliver and heal us.

Jesus waited... He waited until my heart was opened to Him through Abba's cleansing power, and through Abba's thick anointing and showering of LOVE over my entire being. His constant Presence healed my frightened, angry heart in the places needed to let Christ enter, and to trust Him being that protective Husband I so desperately needed.

Once I crossed over into intimate fellowship and encounters with Jesus, the depth of knowledge of God's heart for me only increased... and it increases still.

God bless you all as you read.

God’s Vision to me of:  

Jesus pulled back a large tree limb laden with thick green leaves, and I passed beyond it into a meadow reserved for Him and me.  The meadow is vast and richly green, with “grass as tall as trees in some places,” He told me.  “That is so you can hide within My Peace green is also a color of Peace.”48

A pleasant breeze in this meadow crossed my head gently and stroked my hair.  “That’s Holy Spirit,” Christ said.  He led me to a clearing of soft dry ground, where two cut logs were hospitably placed.  As we drew nearer, He gestured that we sit.
The Lord’s eyes appeared strikingly topaz-blue and glinted like cherished jewels. As He looked at me, I felt His Name course through my being . . . “TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH”.49

Jesus looked as though He’d just had a warm bath.  He wore a thick white robe with matching belt loosely tied at the waist.  His face had a friendly, sandy-pink glow.  His long, light-brown hair draped cozily around broad shoulders.  Just watching Him relaxed me.

As He sat across from me, I noticed His bare feet.  When I looked up at Him He smiled, and I was recaptured by His remarkably blue, river-deep, sparkling eyes.  Again, His Name softly tolled in my mind . . . “TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH”.

By gazing into Christ’s eyes, I was again conscious of Holy Spirit’s presence.  “We are One,” Jesus told me.  “I and My Father and Holy Spirit are all One.” He leaned forward in the wave of those words and embraced me. I softened so thoroughly in the purity and honesty of His embrace that I could barely breathe as its bliss overtook me.  Jesus’ embrace surrounds one tenderly, like the rolling warmth of hearth, with no restraint.  He gives His all in sincerity and transparency 50 because He has no use for ego, pride or self-protection.

Have you ever been hugged by Truth? I have, and cradled in His neck and shoulders I felt light as air; no hesitance, blocks, or hindrances. He embraced me several times during this visit and secured me in His Love with deliberate, graduating intensity.

48 Psalm 23:2.
49 John 14:6.
50 Emotional and spiritual nakedness.

(Excerpted from Book of Visions I, Copyright © 2009 by Sharon Joy Gramling.)

Have a safe and healthy weekend in Jesus!
Pastor Sharon

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mixed Emotions: A Reblog Post

Hello, everyone...

This week's post is a reblog from the blog covering the first part of my testimony.  It's a Word Press site called, "How Did I Get Into This Family?" which may be familiar to some of you.

There's a lot more to the Seer gifting and designation (at least in my life) than actually seeing angels or demons.  Being so young when it began to operate really threw me for a loop, because I was a frightened foolish little girl through so much of that time.  But God in His mercy and infinite Wisdom surrounded me very gently with His unfailing love for me and enabled my heart to receive the truth of His enormous call on my life.

This revealing blog shares my struggles with myself, God, and family early on.  I'm sure many of you can relate to the writings, and I pray you also will allow God to speak His truths to your hearts regarding His plans for you.

My prayers are with you as you read.

"Mixed Emotions"
(Reblogged from How Did I Get Into This Family)
February 5, 2013

Though I knew I was born with a veil, and I knew what that meant, in my ignorance I still felt that there was "something wrong" with me.  Of course, the enemy fed on that.

Occasionally, an element of feeling "special" peeked through the blankets of fear usually clutched to my emotional chin, but it was quickly clouded over by whispers of my flesh and the enemy, appealing to my logical sense and saying things like - come on now, these types of things don't happen to GOOD people... you've done something wrong that you obviously don't know about.  Still not even 12 years old, I bought into the lie.

For quite a while I hid the belief that I was some kind of black sheep... a crazy, cursed, black sheep who the enemy was punishing by making me see things.  That belief followed me everywhere. Suppressed, yes, but nonetheless present.

Where is the Love?

I also struggled with the realization that there was no "bottom line" of unconditional love felt for me by any of my siblings.  That truth became increasingly evident and torturous to my emotions.  Its reality slowly isolated and magnified itself in the ears of my gullible reasoning like an irritating, drippy faucet.  Things were so different in "other families" I'd observed among my church and school friends that I inevitably tossed my hands up to God and asked Him, genuinely... "How did I get into this family?"

The Lord really did have all the answers for me... but the time of their revelation to my tenuous, immature emotions simply hadn't come yet.  That's truly one of the main things I absolutely love most about Father God (like, what's not to love?)... if we are not ready to receive any of His answers about things or any of His truth, HE WILL WAIT until our hearts are open to Him.  He knows when they are.  Merciful God.

The Lord never  asks us to do or be anything He hasn't already done or been.  We're created in His Image and Likeness, and He embodies patience - so He asks us to be patient as we are being transformed into the image of His dear Son Jesus, Who is already Abba's exact image.
"He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in Whom we have redemption through His blood, and forgiveness of sins.  He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation."  (Col. 1:13-15)
Gotta love it!  Everything in life is a process, friends; and God is the absolute best at working us through every one of them.


Please feel free to visit the blog for my full testimony of those early years.  Until next week, God be with y'all.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Preparatory Wash

Hi, y'all...

Years before a heavy-duty spiritual heart surgery, the Lord gave my heart a preparatory wash.  Jesus has a way of cleansing you in His truth without making you feel condemned.  God never works in condemnation, only in loving conviction and truth.  I'm honored to share what He did for me on a special night of intimacy to prepare me for even greater cleansing in years to come...

God’s Vision to me of:
           During worship in my living room, I saw the Lord move over me and take my hands in His, and His Spirit joined mine.[1]  The Lord’s Body was transparent light, and His garments were the color of Restoration – Mint Green.
            He moved over me from my feet upward as I lay on the floor, and clasped my hands in His.  Before His Spirit laid down “into my body”, I saw water which looked like a stream of blue, liquid light come out from His navel.  It poured out of His navel into mine and it traveled upward - through my ribs and chest cavity - to my heart.  It surrounded my heart, cupping it like two hands and, when my heart was in the waters, it turned from red to purple and then broke open.  I could see the half of it which faced me had atria and ventricles as does a physical heart.  Blood lined the inside, but there was also a thick, black, gummy, tar-like substance in it.  The blue water targeted that stuff; I saw it reach beneath the tar-like substance like a high-powered hose and displace it.
            “The blackness of your heart you have given to Me, Sharon,” the Lord and Holy Spirit said.  As He cleaned out two big, deeply-clogged areas with His Holy waters, I saw blue and dark-green bruising where the tar-like gunk had been.  “It’s all from woundings,” the Lord said, displacing with His words the shame I’d felt for having that blackness in my heart.  “This is only the first washing,” He said.  “Other washings will bring healing, restoration and gladness – still other washings will take more things out of your heart that you don’t need to carry.”
            Suddenly, as this layer of my heart became clean I realized I could smell the Lord’s fragrance better than ever! I began to cry, for His aroma carried “understanding” with it, and a vision of flowers and purity in white and yellow, wind-blown light.  (It smelled like lemons and fresh lemonade.)  Then I thought of the verse in Psalm 51 and realized that what David asked of the Lord had just literally happened to me:

“Create in me a clean heart, o, God – and renew a right spirit within me.  . . . restore unto me the JOY of Your salvation.”
--  Psalm 51:10 & 12a (KJV)
              That fragrance and my new ability to smell His fullness like never before was restoring unto me the STRENGTH of His saving power, as He was saving me from the blackness of heart that had hindered my progress in Him for years.  My heart beats differently now.
“The cadence of it has changed,” Holy Spirit said.   “It will never beat in the same way again, for it is more in tune with the Father’s than it was before.  His compassion and His Peace are yours; His abiding Love in patience, in long-suffering, are yours.  Your heart obeys His cadence and His flow, and aligns itself with His will for you to follow.  He has started you off by His heartbeat now, free and clear of the bruising of the memories of the past.  Your heart beats to His cadence, and to His alone, for that’s the target of His desire for all His children, to transform your heartbeat to His and His alone – and all that this implies.  Fresh blood, fresh life, life renewed, fresh living – better living – every circumstance all His own to renew in His cadence our obedience of heart forever.  Amen.  Further exposure seals the cadence; future exposure to His Holiness makes the rhythmic beat complete, until nothing can in any wise harm you lest you expose its beat to His cadence and it is defeated.  It is defeated.  It is defeated.  Amen again, Amen.”
[1] 1 Corinthians 6:17

I'm blessed by how God takes care of the bruising first, then the deepest wounding "in process", as we are able to yield and receive.  Indeed, there is NONE like Him.  Amen.

Pastor Sharon

(From Book of Visions II.  Copyright © 2009 by Sharon Joy Gramling.  All Rights Reserved.)