Friday, May 16, 2014

Enlarge Our Borders

Hi, friends!

Earlier this month I held church services in my home with three guests and, afterward, I was astonished by the way the environs had changed "in the spirit".

I stepped out of the bathroom later that evening and, as I walked into the living room, I noticed it looked bigger somehow.  The sense of enlargement was amazing, such that I stood still and looked at the room for several minutes.  I let my spirit-man control my senses and saw that things were definitely different.  The atmosphere had changed!

I noticed the same thing as I passed through to my office and bedroom area (I worship most frequently in my bedroom), such that I stood in one place and turned slowly around and around.  It was a bit unnerving (but in a powerful, positive way); the place literally looked bigger in the spirit, and felt "occupied". Yeah - I had to ask God what was truly going on...

"You have become a sanctuary," He said to me.  "Your environs have been used to give honor to Me and to render service to others on My behalf. You have come into a greater portion of your commissioning as 'priest', wearing My garments."

In humble, joyous absorption of what God said to me, I just shook my head.

Then I walked from my bedroom back into the living room, and I saw Holy angels lining the walls! His angels dressed in robes of gray and white (symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and truth/purity).  They were angels of His sanctuary (of the type sent to all who minister in God as priests); Holy Spirit caused me to know this.

As they stood side by side, I noticed they also had medallions around their necks - some silver, some gold, some resembling pewter - and they lined the walls, making them wider and higher in the spirit than they are in the natural.  This supernatural architectural transformation still astounds me.  The beings revealed to me had curly hair (some black, some brown; I sensed some blonde but didn't actually see the blonde locks).  They were all a few feet taller than me, and the peace and grounded security of God accompanying their presence was, in itself, transforming. I felt its effects on my mind as I scanned the room, flabbergasted.

God takes it very seriously when we step into our commissioning as He has ordained, regardless of life's circumstances.  Focus on Him is what He requires, and blessing always follows our obedience.

God bless your weekend.

Pastor Sharon

Friday, May 9, 2014

Deliverance and Promises

Probably the most gigantic refining and deliverance of my soul has happened in the last few weeks.  The core of how and why I first lost my way came before me in a dream.  The woman who molested me all those years ago appeared, and I hadn't "seen" her clearly for quite a while.  But when I did, in dreams at night and during the day, I realized God was delivering me... endeavoring to displace and destroy the problem nested within me when I was just a little girl.

I've been living in "new territory" for several months now as God has been affecting His "do-over" in my life.  With that radical change has now come deliverance of my soul starting from the very beginning of personal trials.  "New Beginnings" is almost an understatement for what God is doing with me.  It has been no short of miraculous, and He'll do the same to/with you if you let Him.

I needed to "let go" of the initial encounters I had with the molester and their rot-gut effect on my psyche and soul.  I needed to "revisit" some emotional places I'd abandoned but needed to see again to release unto God.  The wound had to be lanced to be cleansed and healed.  I didn't like it, but I did it... and God released me.  God released me.  When I let go of the LIES that time of life implanted deeply within my soul, God was enabled to scoop out the dross from far, far away and bring my life back into playfulness.  He restored and reinvigorated... He raised from the dead the little girl who existed so briefly before the molestation (and my agreement with its effects) altered my course and self-view for the next 37 years!

Self-hatred and negative mindsets are gone... now, I'm getting to know myself.  Suddenly, my preferences are different! Not ridiculously so, but clearly so.  Suddenly, I'm glad to be "a girl" in ways I never was before!  There's more to being delivered than changing our actions.  Although that is certainly important, the "renewing of my mind" is also taking place here, as I truly let go of my former "self" and all its unrighteous experiences all the way back to the beginning.

I came back to the place of renewal - the territory where everything got started - but now I'm letting God do things THE RIGHT WAY; the way He first intended.  Now I'm being reborn in the place of my inheritance marked for my launch way back in the day.

God gave Israel the land of Canaan, then moved them into Egypt, then back to Canaan again as the land of their promised inheritance was re-taken in wisdom and truth and union with His Spirit.  He is doing the same for me with the promise of new life already being fulfilled in many places. I'm living the "do-over" by His power, fulfilling the hope of His promise in love and renewal of life.  These are changes He revealed years ago He would enact.  He is faithful to His promise, and I'm receiving it lock, stock, and barrel.

Dear friends, I'm not rotting all alone in "a coffin in Egypt"; I'm enjoying my sixth month in "the Promised Land", and the best is yet to come!  Amen.

Pastor Sharon