Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrating Bloodline Deliverance

Hi all!

When God is at work specifically delivering your bloodline, Melchizedek is always involved. According to the scriptures, he blessed the Hebrew bloodline while it was still housed in Abram's loins (Gen. 14:18-20), and Abram gave him a "tithe from all".

About a week ago I had a vision encounter with this holy priest of God and with Jesus Christ our High Priest forever "after the Order of Melchizedek" (Heb. 7:17). I want to share it with you:

While worshipping in my bedroom, I lay face-up, looking into the illuminated atmosphere through my spirit's eyes.  At once, Melchizedek lifted me by my wrists, wrapped his arms around me, and we twirled in swift, tight circles the closeness of which seemed to emphasize his joy. I loved being lifted by my wrists; to me it represented my total submission, and it made me feel very feminine and treasured.

The priest's garments were beautiful! A weighty robe encrusted head-to-toe with gold nuggets glistened wildly about his shoulders, while layered translucent under-tunics of teal, wine-red, and gold peeked out every time the thick, golden doors of his overcoat flung open.

Jesus was standing right behind him, in a brilliant yellow robe and glowing white under-tunic.  Jesus said to me, "This is My time with you now, to show Myself as Divine Husband and (High) Priest of your bloodline." Christ is High Priest over all of its gifts and endowments also.


When we've submitted to God's cleansing of our very bloodline (through specific deliverance of our heart and mind [literally, our brain]), the authority imparted to us by Jesus Christ enables us to intercede for the deliverance of our bloodlines touching past, present, and future generations.  Our God is He Who blesses righteousness and shows mercy to thousands of those who love Him (Ex. 20:6); who wouldn't want to be part of that process?

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.

Pastor Sharon