Friday, July 18, 2014

Conferring the Priestly Garments

Hello, friends!

By God's breath, the series I have promised you will begin with this post in the sequence God has given me.  It's so cool because, as I've gone over the extensive notes recorded on this process, I've been amazed at how God eased me into the pastorate and authority as intercessor over my bloodline's deliverance under the complete auspices of Christ.  God has all power, and it is His all-consuming desire to see His children's legacy cleansed from fleshly pollutants, all the way back to Adam. Amen!

For all who are willing, beloved, He will seal the commissioning of us as kings and priests in His Kingdom on ever-new and higher levels.  Bloodline deliverance is in His heart for everyone, not just me.  I am merely a soul who is willing to go the distance in all levels of humility and trust He has set before me, that the generations of my family - past, present, and future - will be healed in every way He prescribes.

Friends, Abba has literally brought me through dozens of deliverances over the years, growing me in His process to the point of receiving the mega-blessings I'll describe in this series. His processes are for all who are willing, and I am willing because He has blessed me to be, and I agree with Him.

All praise to His mighty, holy, and beneficent Name as we begin; and God bless you as you read.

Preparing Me for His Call
On the night of July 18, 2012 the Lord gave me a word telling me not to expect the old and familiar any longer, but to expect the “new and unfamiliar” in places I’ve never known before.  He told me I am to praise and worship Him as always, but then “wait” on Him to come to Me with “the new thing”.
I did this on the night of July 19, 2012 after praise and worship and, after clearly feeling my spirit-man leave my body, the Lord told Me I could stand if I wanted to (something I’ve never done before on my own).  I stood up and I was still in my bedroom, but in my spirit man.  I could clearly see a “slip” in dimensional space open up before me, and it was a door that was opened and my room was crowded with angelic beings as I looked ahead through that door.  One of the beings was standing VERY close to me and handing me a garment.  I later realized it was what I needed to ‘cross over’ into the outer dimension God was showing me.  I laid back down on my bed and cried under the magnitude of that experience and asked God to “give me what I stand in need of”; I then rose back up and said, “I receive the garments.”  The Lord said that I should say it.
"... behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it." (Rev. 3:8a)
My best friend Lynette brought in the understanding that it was the Priestly Garments being handed to me because the Priests must put on the holy garments before going in.  The confirmation of that truth STABBED MY HEART as she spoke; I began to weep, and I had a vision of the High Priest standing before me wearing the ephod, and I heard the Lord saying that it was for the purpose of intercession that these things would happen to me. I realized that, in the Spirit, I would be ministering in the Holy Place for the first time, which was destined for me from before my birth!  This authority had to be conferred upon me in Christ before I could be delivered on the deepest levels to that point and then used as an intercessor over my bloodline's deliverance according to God's will and purpose.
With the furtherance of my calling in Jesus, more ministering spirits were assigned to attend to my spirit-man as I obeyed the Lord.
God willing, I'll share the next installment of this series on August 1. Rest assured, the best is yet to come!

Pastor Sharon

Friday, July 11, 2014

Special Announcement

Hi friends,

I haven't forgotten about this remarkable blog and all of its awesome readers. I'm prayerfully considering continuing sharing about the bloodline deliverances God has brought me through, but perhaps on video instead of via written posts. Video lends itself to better clarity in relaying detailed supernatural experiences... but the jury's still out for now.

Since I do believe bloodline deliverance is a topic God wants addressed in this forum, the Lord keeping me, by this time next week I will begin a series of either blog or vlog posts chronicling the encounters in supernatural surgeries and revelatory truths I experienced as God mercifully delivered me and simultaneously renewed the bloodline of my earthly father.

Our God is amazing!

Thank you all so much for your patience, and please know that the best is yet to come. Lord willing, I'll "see" you here next week on Beyond the Veil.

Love in Jesus,
Pastor Sharon