Friday, September 12, 2014

Joyous Changes

Hello, friends!

Over the past few months, God has been shifting the focus of His ministry through me to more offline pursuits. As a result, the Glory Shield website and its blog ministries have been adjusted accordingly.  At this time, "Beyond the Veil: Encounters in Vision" will remain online to bless all hearts and minds stopping by, but new posts will no longer be regularly scheduled.

This blog has mightily blessed and proclaimed the ministry of God's power through supernatural endeavors and revelation and will continue doing so in whatever fashion He allows as coming days stretch into the future.  The encounters are ongoing, and I immensely enjoy sharing them here at God's command and in His timing.

Over the past two years, all God's blogging through me has proved to be a tremendous blessing and enormous training ground for the very personal, offline pursuits into which I am being moved now. 
I solicit your prayers as these challenging pastoral assignments in Jesus are continually revealed to me.

See You at Daddy's Girl !

As always, God's fresh testimony, revelation, poetry, songs, and praise will be shared through the "Daddy's Girl" blog (which I doubt will ever end) each week to His ever-powerful and increasing joy, honor, and Glory.

God bless all of you,

Pastor Sharon

Friday, September 5, 2014

"Come Dine"

Hi, everyone!

This week's post concludes my sharing of the accounting of bloodline deliverance God enacted in my life to heal me of sibling hurts and wounds. Click here to access Part One of  this accounting.

The hurt little girl within me was powerfully laid to rest as I chose to forgive the offenses committed against me, and as I asked God to forgive my offenses also.  It will always work like that, y'all.  Relationships are ALWAYS a two-way street.

God bless you as you read:

·       At 9:30 p.m., I texted the following to Lynette:  “I think some kind of ‘laying to rest’ ceremony or preparation’s been going on all around me in the spirit realm tonight, honey.  Waves of black draping coming from the side of the room where Jesus walked with that body a few hours ago, and ministering spirits staying REALLY close to me while the draping floats over that side of the room.  It’s like the little wounded girl is being laid to rest.  (I kept thinking of Missy’s ‘proper burial’ in The Shack.”)

·       Later I realized what I thought to be black draping was actually motion I was detecting as I was laying on my bed but traveling in the spirit realm with angelic escort to a place of ‘safety’ outside the mouth of a deep, hewn cavern the Lord had purposed for the burial of that little wounded girl.  While the injurious effects of the former siblings remained within me, the wounded girl had become entrapped in a cavernous hole of hardened emotions, deep anger, fear, hatred, and cold-hearted judgments.  Through my yielding at Abba’s request,  releasing the past and the places that it went to hide, Jesus was able to remove the now dead little wounded girl from within me and bury her within the depths of the cavern which is now sealed forevermore unto forgetfulness through relinquishment.  He literally exchanged the dead little girl for me, bringing me cleansed out of the cave and burying the ‘death of my past’ personified in that little girl.  The matured, yet delicate state of my newly-delivered, tender-hearted spirit man, soul, and body had to be heavily protected, watched, and guarded from any theft by the enemy or re-encroachment of residuals in the flesh emanating from the carcass Jesus buried.  By Holy Spirit’s power and with the help of the benevolent, loving ministering and warring spirits surrounding me, I emerged from the cavern, whole and rid of that chapter of darkness in my life.

Thursday – Sept.13, 2012:

·       Coughing a bit.

·       Pain and immobility experienced in left arm and shoulder since March 2012 greatly diminished.

Friday – Sept. 14, 2012:

·       Coughing a bit more.

·       Pain and immobility experienced in left arm and shoulder since March 2012 nearly gone!  Full mobility near complete restoration!


Later the Lord told me that we all have places and occurrences within us the Lord has purposed for death and burial by His own hand.  He said:

“I died to accomplish that place of deliverance, death, and burial in you,” He told me.  “So when it was accomplished by and through relinquishment, I took the burial cloth of it upon Myself; it was My responsibility to dismiss it from you eternally through death, and to resurrect you whole and fresh and new unto a new life, even as the Father took Me from death unto Life by His Power.  And I release you just as the Father released Me by the Arm of Holy Spirit.  Hiyah!!![1]

“This that I have for you, I have for all My Saints who will receive it.”

“Come join the Father and I in newness and wholeness of Life, and soar upon the hems and garments of Holy Spirit’s Power!”
“Come dine, as I have implored you from the beginning, at the richness of the Father’s Table.  Come receive.  As He has prepared for Me, so I have prepared for you to receive for all eternity of the Father’s richness and comfort.  Come dine – I beseech you – come and dine.  Amen.”

[1] Meaning, “LIFE!!!  BREATH!!!”

This deliverance - though just the beginning - was one of the most impactful of my entire life. Thanks so much for joining me as I've shared its personal details with  you.

My prayers are with all of those encountering similar works of God; He alone is well able to deliver you and heal you and promote your understanding of His heart and the hearts of those He has marked for your heart and hands in ministry.  He will surely cleanse and prepare every soul He has called to His harvest fields; all He needs is your willing, yielded heart.

Praising His Mighty Name, forever...

Pastor Sharon